Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TSR Guest Designer: Gina Barone

Not only do we want to wish a great big welcome to our Guest Designer, we want to welcome her back to The ScrapRoom as well!  Gina was designing great pages for us three years ago, and now she's back doing wonderful things with paper to inspire us all to get more pages done.  Pull up a coffee cup and join us for a chat!

Gina Barone
So, Gina, I'm dying to know... What's the best thing about being back at TSR?
Well, that’s easy…The kits! It doesn’t hurt that Tammy is amazing to work for and the community of people at TSR are awesome!
That's true.  A lot of people are happy to see you back, too.  But for those of us who missed you the first time around, tell us a little bit about yourself.  How about five random facts?
I am a Special Education Teacher. I primarily work with children with Autism Spectrum and Behavior Disorders. I LOVE my job!
I can’t live without Bounty Paper towels. I begin to convulse when my stash gets low.
My husband and I were high school sweethearts. *love* 
I am a clean freak! I hate dirt!
Sooooo... I suppose your scrappy space is spotless then, huh? 
If my desk could talk, it would be saying, "Clean me please and get scrapping, lady!!! I have been terribly neglected and miss your company. We used to be such good friends."
Well, I think your desk is getting its wish!  And now that you'll be spending more time in your scrappy space, describe it a little for us.  Besides all the scrappy goodness in there, what else do you have around for inspiration... or maybe, what has snuck in while you weren't looking?
A jar of sea glass, a hatbox, a needle, work papers and an aloe plant.
And just for fun... When was the last time you attempted a cartwheel or headstand? How did it go?
I used to be a competitive gymnast and both my girls are gymnasts as well. Would it be wrong if I told you last week? Hey…I still got it! *smiles*
Awesomeness!  I admit to some jealousy over the cartwheels... maybe I'll practice a few while we share some of Gina's favorite layouts!  (Stop laughing, Gina.)
I love these pages for the same reason…they are clean and simple and the focus is the photo.  The pages are feminine, with sweet embellishments.  They are very me!

Thanks, Gina!  Beautiful and so inspirational.  Welcome (back) to TSR!  (Oh, and I have verified that I cannot do a cartwheel.  Just for the record.  LOL)

- Theresa/Savi


  1. Welcome back, Gina! I've been a big fan from way back. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. :)

  2. Thank you so much, Aphra! I'm a big fan of you too! ;)!

  3. Thank you, Jennifer! Good to be back! :)