Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quilted Cards... & Envelopes, Too!

You know me... always looking for something to do with my scraps and trying to kill off a kit (or five)!  Well, this month I used up my April Doubleshot Kit scraps by making fun quilt-y cards.

I know a lot of scrappers out there are also quilters... or like me, used to be quilters and maybe some day will be again (come on, retirement!!!).  But now when I get the urge to get quiltin'... I grab my favorite quilt patterns and paper scraps instead.  Paper quilting is actually a lot easier than real-life quilting.  For one thing, the canvas is much much MUCH smaller.  And you don't have to worry about pesky seam allowances.  *fist pump*  Corners always match up - and if they don't... well, nothing a cleverly-placed embellishment can't fix!

Let's get to it.  You'll need some cardstock, scraps, matching embellies, some quilt patterns... and those LilyBee tone-on-tone papers we've been getting as cardstock lately.  For this example, I'm going to use Flying Geese as my quilt pattern (one I love, but actually pretty much suck at getting the corners right in real life) and the Carta Bella Traditions kit from January 2013.
"Flying Geese" (search for quilt patterns online... you'll find tons!)
Cut a full sheet of cardstock in half and fold each piece in half.  These will be 6x6" cards.  Yes, I know they will cost $1.12 to mail because it's a square and a little heavy... but square mail is cool.  And still way cheaper than buying a card and still having to mail it!  And quilt squares are, well, square.
I'm doing one strip of the Flying Geese pattern.  I cut the dark patterned paper into a 2.5" wide strip.  Then, to get my "geese" shapes, I cut a 2.5x2.5" square and cut it into quarters.  No seam allowances = super easy paper quilting!  Just cut squares and off you go!
To make an envelope for a 6x6" card (with a little room to spare), cut those LilyBee papers to 10x10", score in 3.75" from each point, trim the little overlap area, and fold.  Easy peasy - especially if you have a Martha Stewart Score Board.  The instructions for this size envelope are printed right on it. 
As typical for me, I distressed the edges, laid on a bunch of machine stitching, and made some elaborate tags.  Do as much or as little as you like - your cards can be done your way!
A closer look:  I like my quilt-y cards to have a sewing "feel" to them.  So I like to add ric-rac, embroidery thread, buttons, and little safety pins.  Plus I like to attempt to try to use up at least a small part of my stash!  LOL
These cards are a fun way to use up your scraps and your stash... and they let you scratch that little quilting itch, too!  If you make some quilt-y cards, I'd love to see them - share them in the comments below!

- Theresa/Savi

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  1. Love these, Savi! I'm saving your pattern for my "To Try" list!