Friday, April 12, 2013

Extra Embellishments?

What do you do with your extra embellishments from each month's kit???? Do you use every last one or maybe save a few for the "perfect" layout :) ????

I like to use most of mine because I know TSR will have more fabulous embellishments the next month. BUT there are a few I do hoard save for future projects.

I like to keep my saved embellishments in Making Memories plastic mason jars. I keep them in the cute little bags and just toss them in. I love how it is clear so I can see what I need. You can tell I am saving my wooden elements and enamel dots (LOVE them)...they are a perfect touch to add to many projects!

When I was creating an Anniversary card for my grandparents...I knew the cute wood veneer birds (Sept 2012 kit) would be perfect for the two love birds!

If you are a hoarder saver like me...don't forget to actually use those treasured embellishments!

- Melanie


  1. So funny you mentioned this! I have my favorites (or leftovers that I don't completely KILL)too. I have them on clip it up clips hanging from "Keep ON Hand" bins and I just re organized them last night!

  2. Great idea! I already have the jars even. Totally stealing this idea. :)

  3. YAY! So all the unorganized leftovers I toss into a pencil cup on my desk is actually a good idea? *fist pump* LOL Thanks, Melanie! :)