Friday, August 30, 2013

Sneak Peek #6: Bella Blvd Snapshots (FOTM)... and a surprise!

"Our Anna" by TSR Guest Designer... can you guess who?
"Just like your day-to-day life, it's bold and full of energy! Inspired by our fascination with Instagram and our cravings to capture & document 365 days a year comes Snapshots! Record today's events with this hand-drawn collection of cameras, houses, flowers and arrows! Snapshots makes it fun and easy to put those daily self portraits and funky details captured with our phones to good use. Capture today; Document it as quickly as it goes viral!" -- Bella Blvd Studio blog

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sneak Peek #5: Jillibean Soup Happy Campers (DS)

"2013_08_02  Project Life" by Theresa Sovacool
"Smores, flamingos, cute campers - oh my!" -- Bean Talk

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sneak Peek #4: My Mind's Eye Adorbs (FOTM)

"Week #35" by Aphra Bolyer
"Cut and Paste is fun, happy, energetic, and trendy.  It consists of four color schemes.  This color scheme is a bit more wild and carefree. Lime greens, purples, aquas, reds, greens, grays, and pinks make up this scheme." -- My Mind's Eye blog

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sneak Peek #3: MME Chalk Studio/TC Family Stories (FOTM)

"I Love You More Every Day" by Jennifer Moore
"Comprised of black and white, pink and blue...this line has something for everyone. Bold, chalkboard inspired A-sides...and soft,pastel B-Sides with classic motifs." -- My Mind's Eye blog

"It's just beautiful. It's color but beautiful in that it's not too bright or too neutral. I wanted a strong theme related to it but one that you could use or not use.  My inspiration was 1. family line 2. anchors (your family is your anchor in life) 3. PEOPLE icon (just loved it!) This line is so pretty and I keep reaching for it to design with it." -- Teresa Collins blog

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sneak Peek #2: Echo Park Paper Here & Now (DS)

"It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This" by Theresa Sovacool
"Here & Now is full of bright colors, word bubbles, chalkboard and trendy elements. The stickers are playful with every-day memories themes. There's lots of graphic and trendy elements - feathers, arrows, banners etc. It also includes a nod to Project Life with a sheet each of 4x6 and 3x4 journaling cards." -- The Scrap Review blog

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sneak Peek #1: Echo Park Paper Photo Freedom Volume 2 (FOTM)

"Disneyland" by Melanie Call
"The Photo Freedom Volume 2 Collection is a hip, urban day-to-day collection that helps you document your weekly activities within the Photo Freedom system. Hot, trending patterns and colors fill this fabulous collection." -- Echo Park Paper blog

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scrappin' The Stash: August Update

Hello All! It's Tammy here with an update on my "Scrappin' The Stash" Challenge that I issued last month. I challenged myself to "get-to-scrappin" and to complete 7 layouts a week for the last 6 weeks of the summer. My goal was to limit the overwhelming number of choices in the areas of supplies and inspiration and photos and to simply enjoy the process of creating layouts and documenting memories. Well, I am coming to the end of my 6 weeks, and I have a few insights to report:

**I LOVED having only 7 sketches to choose from! It made the process of getting started on a layout so much less overwhelming. I think I will continue with this parameter in the future - perhaps rotating my 7 sketches every quarter or so. (I created the layout below from Sketch #8. I tweaked it a little to show off the camper paper. Check out my baby's cool stance in the lower right photo. Precious!)
(Oh, and consider this an early Sneak Peek of the September Doubleshot Kit!)

**I LOVED only working with already printed photos from a specific year. Selecting photos from a specific time frame made me feel super-productive as the photos began turning into completed layouts. I am now about halfway through with my 1999 photos and staring into my 2001 photos. It did help that I had all of my 1999 and 2001 photos printed out and slotted into photo-sleeve protectors. I could easily see everything in chronological order. I am definitely going to continue with this chronological photo storage going forward. It made scrapbooking so much more fun when I didn't have to spend all of my time looking for photos on my computer, optimizing them and attempting to print them out at home or waiting for them to be developed at the printer. For me, printing a year's worth of photos at one time and slotting them immediately into photo-sleeve protectors for scrapbooking later is going to be the way to go!
(These photos were pulled from my 2001 photo-sleeve photo collection. I love this memory; so glad it is now scrapbooked and journaled for Jeremiah's kids to enjoy someday!)

**I LOVED the IDEA of setting the timer for 70-minutes scrapbooking stints, but I found that 70-minutes sure did seem like a long time when I was trying to plan it into my day. There were many days when I wouldn't spend any time scrapbooking because I didn't have at least 70 minutes to devote to it. I also discovered that once I got started, I could rarely walk away when the timer went off after 70 minutes. I was always enjoying myself so much after I got into the process and wanted to finish instead of walking away mid-layout. My 70-minute stints would frequently turn into 2-3 hour stints, and once I saw this pattern emerge, I kind of stopped allowing myself to scrapbook unless I had a 2-3 hour block of time available, which was rare. Going forward, I will have to tweak this parameter - or at least tweak it during the weeks when I am busier.

So, as a wrap-up, I'm glad I issued this challenge. I got a lot of layouts done, and I enjoyed working within my parameters, which definitely made the process more enjoyable for me. I found that I didn't have hardly any time at all once August hit because I was trying to do CHA ordering and get the August kits shipped out and get my boys ready for school and get myself ready for my upcoming 2-week missions trip to Serbia. (I leave tomorrow.) Not having any time to scrapbook for the last two weeks was frustrating, but that's part of life. I will be tackling this challenge again through the end of 2013 after I get back from Europe. I'll post again if anybody wants to plan to join me for a 4th Quarter "Scrap Your Stash" Challenge. Start thinking about your parameters!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Project Life: Another Sketch

Hi friends!  Today I thought I'd share my Week 29 spread and the sketch that I used for my title card.  I don't know about you, but using a sketch really helps me try something new.  Usually, my cards are pretty linear, so I made a sketch that includes a lot of circles.  It was definitely a challenge for me, but I like how it turned out.

Week 29

These photos are from the week or so before school started last year.  I went back into the classroom and had just a few days to get my classroom together and my little one to go to bed on time.  The deep green in my classroom worked pretty well with Crate Paper's The Pier cards and embellishments in the August Project Life Add-on Kit.

The buttons came in the Project Life Add-on Kit but the cork arrow came in the Flavors of the Month Travel Girl kit.  I knew I had to figure out a way to include at least one in this month's pages.  

Thanks for stopping in today.  Leave me a comment if you use the sketch.  I'd sure love to see what you do with it.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Listen To Your Kit

Well, look at it anyway.  Take a good look - it might just inspire you to try something different than you had planned!

The August Doubleshot kit had a few elements in it that really grabbed me.

Now, I have a weakness... call it a fondness... for office supplies.  And when I saw this rolodex card chipboard sticker in the American Crafts Mayberry kit, my whole layout just spun out from this:

I cut paper to look like a file folder and added in paper clips, staples, tabs, and stacks of paper - I wanted this page to look like a work in progress, a pile of papers and pictures that had been tucked away in a folder and was just rediscovered.

When I was down to just scraps left of Fancy Pants Wonderful Day, I wanted to make a few cards.  And since this kit was full of arrows of all kinds... I decided to just go with the arrow theme and had a lot of fun with these gift cards!  The base cut is a Silhouette pattern and it didn't take much to finish them off.  A heart, some twine, and a few more arrows and I was done in an instant.

Sometimes it really is easier and faster to get more pages (and cards!) done if you don't think about it too hard.  Just listen to your kit.  You'll love where you end up!

- Theresa/Savi

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Melanie Uses That Ruler!'s almost back to school time! One school supply that I use for scrapbooking is the ruler. I love my clear 12 inch ruler (having it clear is a must for me). I use it for aligning photos, papers, and definitely my alphas. Here's how I like to make my titles....

1. Align alphabet stickers along top edge of ruler.

2. Place ruler over your layout. This allows you the flexibility of arranging your title without actually adhering it yet.

3.  Once you have it where you like it...simply press down on the top of your alphabet and then gently remove your ruler.'s straight and exactly where you want it.

School supplies are for grown ups too :)

- Melanie

Monday, August 12, 2013

Project Life: Storage Ideas

Hello there scrappy peeps! How are you? I just wanted to pop by quickly and share some ways for storing your Project Life supplies. I found all of these super creative ideas over at Pinterest.  Where else?  Hee hee!

First up is this bright yellow picnic-style basket.  So simple and pretty.  The stickers are in the back, papers in the front, and there is still room for the 3x4 cards and corner rounder.

This next idea is simple, cheap, and easy to find.  The container is a decorative box.  Inside, there are two plastic trays for rounding up the 3x4 cards and pens.  To the side, she has stacked some 6x6 paper pads.  And in front an even smaller box holds adhesive and a date stamp.

This next scrapper had her husband build her a divided box with plenty of room for stickers, 6x6 paper pads, tags, washi tape, and both size project life cards. Her date stamp and two ink pads are even tucked away up front.

I love this next idea: an acrylic box.  I saw one of these in the kitchen section at Target last week.  It is the perfect size for storing the 3x4 cards.  I especially like how she created dividers to sort her cards.  This would work well for your leftover ScrapRoom cards.  You could divide them by manufacturer.

These lovely metal containers are sold at Land of Nod.  Aren't the colors fabulous?  I picture the 3x4 cards in the front sections and the larger cards and stickers in the back.  You could also include small embellishments in one of the front sections.  So, so fashionable!

This scrapper used a vintage looking metal basket to corral her supplies.  Sticker books and 6x6 paper pads on the left, larger sticker sheets in the back, and cards in another basket up front.  

This next idea is perfect for those of you who don't have a place to keep your supplies out in the open. This Close to My Heart plastic box is the perfect size for both 3x4 and 4x6 cards.  And look how many it holds.  Wow!  It would easily fit into a cabinet or closet, and could travel well for crops, too.

This next idea is truly ingenious!  This person used a variety of trays and boxes to fill a drawer with her project life supplies.  Not only does she have her paper supplies in there, but so is her trimmer, adhesive, scissors, rounder, stamps, and washi tape.  What a fantastic use of space!  And convenient if it is in the dining room or kitchen area, too.

And I saved the best for last!  A Project Life cart!!!  This little beauty is the Raskog Cart from Ikea.  You can store all your cards, papers, embellishments, tools, etc. on the cart and then just roll it where you need to.  When you are finished with your page, you can roll it away for storage.

And these Antonious inserts from Ikea fit perfectly in the trays of the Raskog cart.  The best part, though, is that they cost $3.00.  Crazy, hun?  Even if you don't want or need the cart, you could just get the trays.  They are the perfect size for the 3x4 and 4x6 cards.  

Here's my Raskog cart with a few of my supplies on it.  I still have more to add.  And I'm also planning to create some dividers to better organize the cards.  So far, so good!

So, what's your favorite way to store your Project Life supplies?  Leave me a comment.  I'd love to hear!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Scrappin' the "Stash" - Inspiration

Hey, all!  Theresa here... just wanted to share with you how I'm playing along with the Scrappin' the "Stash" Challenge here at The ScrapRoom!

As you know from following along here on the blog and on Facebook, Tammy has challenged herself to use what she has (pictures and kits), with sketches in hand, and time set aside every day.  Tammy has also encouraged us to all look at this wonderful hobby and make it work for ourselves and the time we have.  I *love* this idea.  Heck, I love anything that keeps up scrappin' and happy, to be honest.  I think getting our memories recorded is some of the most fulfilling "stuff" we can do in our spare time.  (Can you believe it?  Pawn Stars doesn't actually need me to watch them... hahaha!)

So here's how I've been inspired...

My problem isn't actually getting myself to scrap... if I'm home and have the pictures.  Since I really can't quit my job (with the recently added travel) and I really don't want to stop going on vacation (no, nuh-uh, no way!), I needed a way to keep the paper mojo flowing while on the road.  Oh, and I really needed to set my foot down and keep up with the photos.  It is seriously hard to do Project Life without pictures.  LOL

Theresa's Scrappin' the "Stash" Rules:
  1. Order photos every Sunday evening.  This is a task I hate, but with only a week at a time to work with?  Easy peasy.  Whether it's one photo or 35, it's a pretty manageable chunk.  
  2. Create a go-bag with card making supplies in it.  You know how Tammy has a pile of sketches for her challenge?  I have one go-to card pattern that I love (here's a great tutorial).  And it gobbles up kit scraps like crazy - which leads to the final rule:
  3. Kill kits.  As many as possible!  Which means that my older kits and my kit scraps are getting consumed quickly.  Which means more space... for more kits.  YAY!  I sure do love the paper...  
So, how's it going for me?  Pretty well, actually!  I love receiving my photos weekly... and having them ready and waiting for me in their PL pocket pages is super motivating (and I can work on whichever page I want - that's some nice freedom, too). 

And so far I've made this boxful of cards on business trips and vacations:

I've sort of started up a little "card ministry".  My church keeps a list of members that are no longer able to attend services in person - and I'm working my way through the list, sending a card or two as time permits.  I love being able to combine my love of scrappy supplies with a way to spread some happiness and cheer!  *big smiles*

Oh, yeah, and I've killed 13 kits this way.  WOW.  And yes, I need to get over to the Message Board and record those kills in our tracking thread.  While I do that, enjoy this final look at my Fancy Pants Swagger kit... from our last camping trip:

I think he's inspired by the "Stash" challenge, too!  LOL

- Theresa/Savi

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The ScrapRoom Sketch: August (and a Winner!)

Feeling like getting a little scrappy today?  Well, why not?  We've got a great sketch and a great prize to motivate you!  Tammy has another versatile sketch to help you get more pages done - check it out!

August Sketch by Tammy Harp
"Tuckered Out" by Tammy Harp
"Summer Smiles" by Jennifer Moore
"I Heart Summer" by Melanie Call
"Halo Burger" by Theresa Sovacool
Whether you follow the sketch exactly or just let it guide you with paper placement... we want to see what you've created!  And if you do?  You've got a shot at $10 to spend at our TSR Store.

This month, our winner is kissmevodka with this layout documenting the truly important things in life... among them, time with friends.  *love*
"BFF" by kissmevodka
Congratulations, kissmevodka! Please email Tammy at with your name, address, and the name of the contest you won. She'll get your prize to you right away. Happy shopping!

- Theresa/Savi

P.S.  Don't forgot to link up your layout in the comments below!

Monday, August 5, 2013

August is Hot, Hot, Hot at The ScrapRoom!

Just because you've seen the "Back to School" advertising doesn't mean that summer is over yet!  There's still a whole month left to snap pictures and collect those wonderful summer memories - and at The ScrapRoom, we've got just the paper to keep that summer feeling coming!

We've got fun summer colors, shapes, and images... great embellishments... and the perfect stamps!  What else do you need to get more pages done? 

FOTM Kit:  Crate Paper The Pier, Simple Stories I Heart Summer, Fancy Pants Memories Captured, October Afternoon Travel Girl
Doubleshot Kit:  Fancy Pants Wonderful Day & American Crafts Mayberry
Project Life Kit
Embellishment Kit
Patterned Paper Kit
Bazzill/Cardstock Kit
Stamp Kit