Friday, August 9, 2013

Scrappin' the "Stash" - Inspiration

Hey, all!  Theresa here... just wanted to share with you how I'm playing along with the Scrappin' the "Stash" Challenge here at The ScrapRoom!

As you know from following along here on the blog and on Facebook, Tammy has challenged herself to use what she has (pictures and kits), with sketches in hand, and time set aside every day.  Tammy has also encouraged us to all look at this wonderful hobby and make it work for ourselves and the time we have.  I *love* this idea.  Heck, I love anything that keeps up scrappin' and happy, to be honest.  I think getting our memories recorded is some of the most fulfilling "stuff" we can do in our spare time.  (Can you believe it?  Pawn Stars doesn't actually need me to watch them... hahaha!)

So here's how I've been inspired...

My problem isn't actually getting myself to scrap... if I'm home and have the pictures.  Since I really can't quit my job (with the recently added travel) and I really don't want to stop going on vacation (no, nuh-uh, no way!), I needed a way to keep the paper mojo flowing while on the road.  Oh, and I really needed to set my foot down and keep up with the photos.  It is seriously hard to do Project Life without pictures.  LOL

Theresa's Scrappin' the "Stash" Rules:
  1. Order photos every Sunday evening.  This is a task I hate, but with only a week at a time to work with?  Easy peasy.  Whether it's one photo or 35, it's a pretty manageable chunk.  
  2. Create a go-bag with card making supplies in it.  You know how Tammy has a pile of sketches for her challenge?  I have one go-to card pattern that I love (here's a great tutorial).  And it gobbles up kit scraps like crazy - which leads to the final rule:
  3. Kill kits.  As many as possible!  Which means that my older kits and my kit scraps are getting consumed quickly.  Which means more space... for more kits.  YAY!  I sure do love the paper...  
So, how's it going for me?  Pretty well, actually!  I love receiving my photos weekly... and having them ready and waiting for me in their PL pocket pages is super motivating (and I can work on whichever page I want - that's some nice freedom, too). 

And so far I've made this boxful of cards on business trips and vacations:

I've sort of started up a little "card ministry".  My church keeps a list of members that are no longer able to attend services in person - and I'm working my way through the list, sending a card or two as time permits.  I love being able to combine my love of scrappy supplies with a way to spread some happiness and cheer!  *big smiles*

Oh, yeah, and I've killed 13 kits this way.  WOW.  And yes, I need to get over to the Message Board and record those kills in our tracking thread.  While I do that, enjoy this final look at my Fancy Pants Swagger kit... from our last camping trip:

I think he's inspired by the "Stash" challenge, too!  LOL

- Theresa/Savi

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