Monday, August 19, 2013

Listen To Your Kit

Well, look at it anyway.  Take a good look - it might just inspire you to try something different than you had planned!

The August Doubleshot kit had a few elements in it that really grabbed me.

Now, I have a weakness... call it a fondness... for office supplies.  And when I saw this rolodex card chipboard sticker in the American Crafts Mayberry kit, my whole layout just spun out from this:

I cut paper to look like a file folder and added in paper clips, staples, tabs, and stacks of paper - I wanted this page to look like a work in progress, a pile of papers and pictures that had been tucked away in a folder and was just rediscovered.

When I was down to just scraps left of Fancy Pants Wonderful Day, I wanted to make a few cards.  And since this kit was full of arrows of all kinds... I decided to just go with the arrow theme and had a lot of fun with these gift cards!  The base cut is a Silhouette pattern and it didn't take much to finish them off.  A heart, some twine, and a few more arrows and I was done in an instant.

Sometimes it really is easier and faster to get more pages (and cards!) done if you don't think about it too hard.  Just listen to your kit.  You'll love where you end up!

- Theresa/Savi

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