Monday, August 17, 2009

mi casa es su casa

"My house is your house"
So join me on a tour of my scraproom.

We just moved out of state and while I always dread moving, this new house had a perk that my apartment did not have..... A SCRAPROOM. I am still trying to figure things out but all in all I really like how I have things laid out/organized.
This is my main organization unit. I purchased it from Ikea and it was worth every penny. My scraproom is right off of my living room. I think it was supposed to be a sun room. It has a beautiful set of french doors, and once inside the room, to the right is this shelving unit.
In the middle of the room (not pictured) I have a large dining room table, seats 8, that I have raised with bed raisers that I purchased from Walmart. My workspace is now at counter top height. I also have some Rubbermaid storage drawers under the table and plan to "someday" make a skirt for the table to cover all the junk I hide under there. Here are my buttons. I used to have them in tiny bottles all sorted by color but this works for me and I end up using more random colors. Also hedgie... a gift from my kids.
I store my chipboard letters in these plastic cases. They are sorted by letter. I like to mix and match different letter styles. This way I can just Grab N Go ;)
My Clip It Up! Ah, do you feel the love. I simply adore this item. If I could afford it I would have about 10 of these. I love that everything is VISIBLE! I don't know about you gals but if something isn't right in front of my face, I sometimes forget I have it. I keep my dwindling supply of Thickers on the Clip It Up as well as my favorite "go to" embellies.
Okay, you caught me. I admit it. Hello, my name is Shawnna and I have a messy desk. Seriously though I love this "desk". I use the term loosely because it is merely two file cabinets (which I already owned) and I purchased a $50 6ft. counter top from Lowe's. This is on the left side of the room. When you enter the room there are 3 large windows straight ahead, thus the lovely lighting. Sorry for the blown out photo. I keep my embellishments sorted by color in the same plastic cases as my chipboard letters. I have a ton of these (one for each color plus metals and clear) and I purchased all of them when Hobby Lobby had a 1/2 off sale. In the two cubbies to the left you can see my kits. I sort them in alphabetical order by the name of the manufacturer, except for Scenic Route Kits, they get their own Cropper Hopper Vertical Paper Holder. I do show favoritism.
I house many of my mini albums in baskets. This allows easy access for my family and visitors.These owls and sign sit on top of my Ikea Shelving unit. These were all 3 gifts that make me smile every time I see them. It is so important to surround yourself with things that make you happy, things you love. I keep my paper scraps (both cardstock and patterned paper) stored by color in these 12x12 drawers. This way I can go here first before grabbing a fresh sheet of paper. Reduce Reuse Recycle People. Also my kids know that they can use this paper for their own craft projects.
My paper storage is a little tricky. I couldn't decide on just one way to store so I have a few different categories of storage. First is cardstock, it is stored by color in vertical Cropper Hopper Paper Holders. I used to buy several sheets of every color of Bazzill, now I buy several sheets of only the colors I tend to use over and over. It took a little time to figure this out but it has saved me so much money.
Second is Patterned Paper -- OH HOW I LOVE THEE -- I have Scenic Route in a Cropper Hopper of it's own. I also have paper sorted by theme.... like Halloween/Christmas etc. If a piece of paper doesn't have a set theme then I file it by color unless it is one of my favorite manufacturers then it is filed by name alphabetically. See, I told you it was tricky. I keep my most recent Scrap-Room kits all the way to the right and in the same cubby I have a Cropper Hopper for kit left overs that I use to make cards.
Ribbon is stored one of two ways. If it is long enough it is wrapped around a cardboard insert and placed by color in this basket pictured. If it isn't very long I have a large jar (same size as the button jar) that I keep snippets of ribbon in.I use this Cropper Hopper box to store all my stickers and rub-ons. Most are by theme but I also have a section for each child, I use this area to store things I bought to use in their specific albums (think birthday party themed stickers/embellies). Last but not least, my cart of drawers. My husband purchased this for me several years ago from Costco when I began outgrowing my wheeled totes. This is stored to the left of my desk, within arms reach, and houses tools, extra adhesive, and stamps. My Clip It Up sits on top of this cart.
So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed peeking inside my scraproom. Please leave links to your scraproom photos in the comment section. I would love to check them out.