Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fame Not Fortune

We had a fun challenge over on the Message Board these last few weeks... TerryB whipped up a sketch and challenged our members to use it.  The prize?  Fame, not fortune.  In other words... in exchange for getting one more page done, the winner would get their layout featured on the blog.  Awesomeness!
Sketch by TerryB... and if you love this sketch, pay attention on reveal day.  Just sayin'.  *wink*
And our winner this month... a woman who totally rocks the layouts... is Gilly!
"Best Cousin Ever" by Gilly
I seriously adore this layout... and I think it's totally "Gilly".  Someday I would love to see Gilly in action as she builds her layouts.  I'm imagining mess and fun and ENERGY.  But until then, I'll have to satisfy my nosiness with a virtual chat over coffee:

Gilly, this is such an awesome layout.  What kit is this? 
I don't know what kit this was!!! LOL 
Seriously???  LOL!  (For the record, it's Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic from 11/2012)  So, then... how did it all come together?
This kit was definitely chosen around the picture of my daughter and adorable great-niece...mainly due to colors...these two were so PINK, which is what I chose for the background.   Next with this layout, I wanted to try some new stencils I had just purchased. 
I stated earlier that this layout is so "you" - what makes this a Gilly layout to you?
I would say the elements I am liking to use right now are layering and sticking things randomly on the page. Probably paint is a bit me, and mixing fonts. Journalling in my own handwriting is me. 
I'm totally inspired by this.  Any tips/tricks you'd like to share? 
Mix stuff up, don't be afraid to mix lines and add depth and texture to your page.

Thanks, Gilly.  *big love*  Enjoy your moment of fame... although I would argue that love and adoration would be worth *something*, right?  HA!

Are you totally inspired by Gilly's page, too?   Thought you might be... so come back on May 4th.  We've got big plans, and this layout is part of it!  *hint hint*

- Theresa/Savi

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