Monday, April 15, 2013

Hidden Embellishments!

Hey everyone! I've got a quick tip for finding some fun "hidden" embellishments from your Elle's Studio part of the kit this month. At the bottom of your patterned papers, you'll find these barcode strips that have the name of the manufacturer and paper information:
But don't throw them away after you trim them off!  If you flip them over, you'll find these little hidden gems:

Look at all those fun extra embellishments you can use!  I was able to use almost all of these on my 2-pager this month.  I cut out the Kraft colored scalloped border and used it below my photos. I used the "XOXO" red strip and used it on the left side of my 2-pager.  Then, I cut out some of the little banner looking titles and put them on my photos and one below my title for added detail:

The end result:
Don't forget to look on the backs of those barcode strips! You just may find some little hidden treasures for your pages there! ;)

- Jenny

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