Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Stash" Challenge Update (Week 4)

Good Morning, Scrappin' Peeps! I am happy to report that this has been one super-successful scrappin' week for me. I got a whopping (7) layouts and (8) cards made, using my sketches and my photos from 1999 and 2001, and I had a blast! I'm figuring out what works for me right now, and I am totally lovin' my layout-creating process.

While I've landed on some key "this-works-for-me" things over the past several months that you've heard about repeatedly (pre-selected sketches and pre-selected photo groups), I have continued to struggle with a consistent time slot that works for me. Guess what I discovered this week - that 5:30 AM is the perfect time slot for me to scrapbook! I have become a morning person over the years, so I thought I'd try starting out my day with some scrapbooking to see how that would work - and what do you know - it worked! I get up at 5:00 AM, brew myself a hot mug of fresh coffee  (and tidy up the kitchen while I'm waiting for my coffee to brew). I head down to my scrapspace in the basement by 5:30 and have an hour to work on layouts before anyone else in my house wakes up. It's enough time to really get into a layout, but not so much time that I don't get anything else done. It is bliss, and I am really starting to look forward to that creative hour by myself in the morning.

And, while I got (7) pages and (8) cards done and totally used up the entire November Doubleshot Kit this week, I'm only going to share one of the layouts with you today. I'm saving the rest for the big reveal of the November Kits on the website tomorrow. So, consider today's "Scrappin' The Stash" update this morning your final sneak peek at the November Kits. This one is from Echo Park Paper's So Thankful line.
Sketch #1 (This was a fun one!)
Kit: 11/13 DS Kit (Sneak Peek)
Photos from 1999

"Scrappin' The Stash" Round 2 Running Total: (13) pages and (12) cards

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