Thursday, October 3, 2013

Scrappin' The "Stash" Challenge, Round 2

It's time for another round of our "Scrappin' The Stash" Challenge, starting today and ending on November 21st. That's another (7) beautiful weeks of scrapbooking fun, which will push us right up to the Holiday Season! Here are my challenge personal challenge parameters, which are very similar to my Round 1 parameters, with a few key changes...
  • Use only photos that I already have printed.
  • Use only products that I already have in my stash.
  • Use only (7) different sketches as layout inspiration.
  • Set a timer for a 45-minute scrapbooking stint 3-4 days/week.
I kept a few of the sketches from my previous round because I didn't feel like I used them enough and wanted to use them more and/or I just really liked working with them and wanted to keep them in the rotation for another round. I also added a few new sketches from Becky Fleck creates some AMAZING sketches which are scrapbook-ready, so instead of reinventing the wheel, I chose a few of my favorites and added them to the mix this time. If you'd like to use my Round 2 Sketches, I have created a .pdf for you to download. Enjoy!


I also changed my time frame from 70-minutes (which didn't work very well) down to 45-minutes, as this is the amount of time that it takes to watch one episode of  "Once Upon a Time" or "Bones," which should be enough time to get something done but not so much time that I don't get anything else done. :)

Join us over at Facebook and post  some of your finished layouts. I'll keep you posted here once a week how I'm doing, and I hope some of you will choose to play along with me!


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