Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Stash Challenge" Update (Week 3)

It's Wednesday and time for my weekly "Stash Challenge" Update! I find that having to come clean each week with you here about whether or not I actually made time to do what I say I want to do (scrapbook!) makes me 100% more likely to do it. I probably wouldn't be making the time for scrapbooking right now if I didn't have to report to you, and I find that I really do enjoy all of my time spent in my scrapspace engaging with my photos and fun supplies. I always walk away energized, so thanks for the accountability!

On that note, I enjoyed (3) "Stash Stints" this week and completed (2) one-page layouts. I find that it takes me a little over an hour (on average) per page, and I still struggle the most with embellishment placement. I still find that the pre-selected sketches and organized 2-years-worth-of-photos-in-photo-sleeves are saving me TONS of time and stress. Almost all of my scrapbooking time is spent creating pages, with only minutes spent on selecting photos and a layout design. And, working with the same sketches more than once makes creating the pages more fun, as they come together faster and with more confidence. Also, I love seeing how the same layout design looks with different photos, papers and embellishments.

Anyway, here are my two pages so far this week, and I've got another page in progress. :)
Sketch #3 (possibly my favorite sketch right now)
Kit: 11/13 DS Kit (SNEAK PEEK!)
Photos from 1999

Sketch #5
Kits Used: 8/13 & 9/13 DS Kits
Photos from 2001
"Scrappin' The Stash" Round 2 Running Total: (6) pages and (4) cards

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