Sunday, July 3, 2011

Up Close and Personal with Lan!!

One of my *four* favorites : ) this month is Pink Paislee Hometown Summer. The colors are bold & vibrant, and the patterns are just I took a gazillion swimming/pool photos this summer and there is no better match. Did you notice the little chipboard girl in the circle? Isn't she the cutest adornment to my page? I just love!!!

For my title work, I loved the clouds and only had one to work with so I used a scrap piece of blue and traced a second one. Then handcut a third slightly smaller. Using my copic frost blue marker and sharpie in milk white I outlined the border to give it dimension and then popped my words in the center.

Now for the journaling. This is my weak spot...sometimes I can't get past just writing the basic who/when/where. So when this inspiration struck, I made a mental note to use it.

Who loves to eat at IHOP? We do but the wait time there on a Sunday morning is just overwelming sometimes but luckily they have these paper placemats wrapped around 3 crayons to keep the kiddos entertained. We completed one of these for each of the kids and they laughed so hard and wanted me to read it over and over. It has fill in the blank spots in the story to complete with their favorites at the moment: toy, drink, animal, school, and vegetable. A great "journaling" opportunity don't cha think?

And now the story will be kept for my daughter to read again in the future.

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  1. Fantastic LO Lan! I love getting these little snippets into your LO. The clouds are very cute

  2. LOVE your layout, Lan. Thanks for the idea with the I-Hop placemats. Great journaling!