Saturday, July 9, 2011

Design Team Inspiration with Lan!!

Hi crafty ladies, Lan here to share one of my pages and where I got my inspiration. Just last week we were finishing up our grocery shopping at Walmart and it was 104 degrees outside, my son wanted this pop bottle from the vending machine. It's not a usual one we drink so I was intrigued by the logo design.

When I got to working on this page with a photo of my kids at the local water park and needed something extra for my title block, I knew it was just the right thing!

So keep an eye open, you'll never know when the perfect idea will "pop" open :)


  1. Love the way you tucked the photos in the paper "waves". I also love how you called the beverage a "pop"!! I'm originally from MI where we all say "pop" but I have been in NC for almost 11 years now. Here they call it either "soda" or "drink". I refuse to stop saying "pop" (even though I often get funny looks) and am always heartwarmed when I hear it used by others as well. Thanks for the smile. :)

  2. Great idea! It really makes your title stand out! Fabulous layout!

  3. it's true! you can find inspiration ANYwhere!

  4. Brilliant to use the Sun Drop logo on your page. What a fabulous element on your page!