Thursday, July 21, 2011

Freaky Fast Page #3 and a Giveaway!!

Happy Thursday! Frances here to share my final layout using the Freaky Fast Formula of the month! If you missed the first post, you can check it out HERE. Like I mentioned before, I created my formula to basically "get more pages done"...the TSR motto! Just in case you forgot, here is the formula...

1. Cardstock Background
2. 8 X 10 patterned paper
3. 6 X 12 patterned paper
4. 3 X 12 patterned paper
5. 1 1/2 X 12 patterned paper

And here is the steps to completing LAYOUT #3 using the formula...

1. Collect a few pics.
2. Cut your patterned paper to the dimensions stated above.
3. Push the paper around your cardstock till you achieve the look you want, or simply copy my layout below!
4. Adhere and EMBELLISH! It is that easy!!

And my third and final FREAKY FAST PAGE...

Life in the Fast Lane

This layout was created using Girl's Paperie Kitch from our July kit, and just like the weeks prior, the placement of the paper came together super easy!! The main difference between this layout and the others, is that the paper placement is at the top of the layout! Who would know that it would make such a different looking layout, right? Again, I am super surprised at just how different the layouts look by just using a different collection and shifting some paper. This layout...35 minutes...NO KIDDING!! Wooooohoooo for that!!

Here is a look at all 3 of the layouts get the full effect!!

Layout #1

Layout #2

Layout #3
I hope you enjoyed my FREAKY FAST PAGES feature this month! And I think you just might see this again...what do you think? Let me know if you would like to see this again by leaving me a comment in this post! I will choose a winner randomly to win a yummo prize of scrappy goodies!!! I will post the winner next Thursday, July 28th!

Thanks again for visiting, and see ya next Thursday with a winner!


  1. I love love love these freaky fast page ideas!! PLEASE keep 'em coming!!! :)

  2. These pages are great!! Love seeing the different variations from the same supplies, lots of good inspiration!!

  3. Yes for sure! This formula is super simple and then to see that it can be combined in different ways - brilliant!


  4. I've already done 2 pages using this formula and love how they turned out. This is about all I have time for these days. Thanks for the inspiration. I look forward to more formulas.

  5. OH YES, PLEASE - I really enjoyed seeing three different takes on the same formula. And I'm digging the close-ups of the embellie details. Thanks!

  6. I love the feature and would enjoy seeing more.

  7. I DO really love these Frances - keep 'em comin!

    Here's mine (so far)

  8. I think this is a fabulous idea and would love to see it all the time!
    - April W

  9. Love these ideas. Please continue doing them!

  10. I LOVE these!!! PLEEEAAASSSEEE keep them coming!

  11. yes!!!! please!!! these are great to jump start some quick pages!!!! way to go!!!

  12. Absolutely fabulous ideas! Keep them coming - the only way I've done any scrapping at all this month! :)

  13. I love this idea! It's a way to get inspiration but still make it your own.

  14. I love the freaky fast inspirational and I'd hate to see this feature go away! I'm due to have another baby in September, so I know my scrapping time will be even more limited soon. Please please please keep posting these. :)

  15. I've done one already and started a second! Yes, PLEASE keep 'em coming!!

  16. This is great for when your mojo is missing! Keep them coming :)

  17. I love your "formula" and how different each page looks with the very same basics. Way to go! And thanks for the give-away! :)

  18. I love how fast a page can go together with this formula!

  19. hey, now that is a cool concept! I love this idea! super fast and easy yet all 3 of your pages have their own unique looks! gotta try!

  20. I did one using your formula! Here it is:
    I will probably try it again when I get my first FOTM kit... I just signed up for a subscription a few days ago. :)

  21. Yes PLEASE Keep them comin'!!!

    I did my first page in over 2 years because I was inspired by your Freaky Fast posts. I would load it, but obviously my Photoshop has forgotten how to stitch pages together it's been so long. LOL