Friday, July 22, 2011

Kim's Scrapbook Staple...

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Hi Scrappers!!!! I wanted to talk to you today about what I consider to be a scrapbook pens!!!!! I use my pens on every one of my scrapbook pages. Journaling is not the only thing these pens can sirree!!!! Here are some examples of how I use them.....Outlining or adding something extra to my letters, as in the title below.

In this layout I used my signo pen to outline my paper die cuts to make them POP and look at how the signo pen helps the title to stand out on the page....perfection!!!!!!

Now this is my favorite technique.....I take my paper piercer to make stitching holes and then draw in my stitching with the signo pen. Sometimes I will take my zig pen and draw wide black stitches then use my signo pen and draw a thin line of stitches. The two of them together really makes a bold statement on your pages. Some of these concepts may not be new to you but I always advise new scrappers to invest in these two pens. I hope you will try some of these ideas on your pages. Sometimes the smallest idea can make the biggest difference. Now get your pens out and use them...they are just as important as paper and adhesive!!!!!!


  1. You are very clever with your pen Kim - thanks for all the great tips!

  2. I've never tried the others but I swear by the Signo white pen! I always buy a few when I get low.