Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Memory Lane

When I saw the WRMK Monopoly paper in this month's kit, it instantly took me down memory lane.

My sisters and I would always play Monopoly when we had something fun to do later that day or night. The game would take forever and when it was finished it was time for our fun activity/event! I knew I wanted to scrapbook this memory, but I didn't have picture of the Monopoly game board from the 80s.

So what to do????

I searched Google images for a Monopoly game board and viola.....success! Searching Google images is super easy! You can even search by image size so choose a medium/large size so it will print nicely. Next time you need a picture for a scrapbook layout....try searching Google images (some do have a copyright so be respectful).

Here 's my layout with my picture of the game board....just how I remember it :)


  1. AWESOME!! I too remember that game taking days to play!! Yes, we were quite serious!! :-)

  2. I love this layout, Melanie! Great use of this fun paper, which might have proved to be a bit difficult to use even it is adorable! Great layout highlighting a special memory that otherwise wouldn't have made it into a scrapbook!

  3. Great idea Melanie! I love how you used the paper