Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Recipe Cards are up!

I'm sure that most of our ScrapRoom members are familiar with our amazing IDEA GALLERY - our little cyber-corner of layout inspiration created with the monthly ScrapRoom Kits. When I'm looking for a lot of scrapbooking eye candy in one place, the TSR Idea Gallery is one of the first places that I visit.

Today though, I want to showcase another great inspirational (and functional) feature that we provide with all of our ScrapRoom kits - totally free! All of our layout kits (and that's FOUR in the Flavors of the Month Kit and TWO in the Doubleshot Kit) come with full-color downloadable Recipe Cards. A Recipe Card turns your box of scrapbooking supplies into a literal "CLASS-IN-A-BOX" at NO EXTRA CHARGE to you!

Each Recipe Card features a full-color photo of a 2-page layout and comes complete with cutting instructions and step-by-step assembly directions. They are designed to be printed out and slipped in with their respective layout kits - and voila - grab-and-go scrapbooking! You can view all of the April Recipe Cards HERE and HERE!

As a bonus today, you can view and download one of our April Recipe Cards below. Print it out and and see how easy our Recipe Cards will make it for you to recreate great-looking layouts in no time at all. (And, of course, recreating a layout is so much easier and so much more fun if have all of the exact supplies that you need in a little kit in front of you - so I'll link you up to our "ScrapRoom Kits Page" right here! ;)

Layout by Aphra Bolyer


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  1. Aphra that is such a cute recipe card!! Great job there are so many little things to look at I love it all!