Sunday, February 22, 2009

Leaving.....on a jet plane!

This is not a typical blog post, in that I have no cool project to show you or technique to share. Nope. Instead you get a sneak peek into my life right now. We are less than T-minus-24 hours from leaving on our once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Walt Disney World! And let me tell you......the Price household is abuzz! This is the first trip to WDW for all of us, so I'm sure you can imagine the excitement level. I just hope and pray that (a) all the pre-planning that my husband and I have done will make this the most memorable (and pleasant) vacation ever; (b) my kids remain healthy; and (c) the weather cooperates. Oh, and that the flight goes smoothly. This will be the first time flying for my children, and my husband and I have not flown for several years (even though he works for the airlines). And why oh why do planes seem to crash more often around the time that I (one who seldom flies) have to board one?

So now that you all know I have Disney on-the-brain, I will come to the scrapbook-related point of my post. Have you seen all the cool Disney scrapbooking products available out there? H-O-L-Y C-O-W! I am amazed! I feel like I just gained access to this exclusive club of people and products that although I knew they existed, I never really had a need for before. And I cannot wait to get started on scrapping our Disney memories!

Immediately, I knew that I wanted to do a mini-album of some sort - for me and probably the grandparents. And I thought to myself, "I wonder if they make an acrylic album in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears?" I probably didn't need to ask that question because after a very brief search, I found 'em:

Now how cute is that?!?!?

Or maybe I'll go with the acrylic castle album?????

There's even links for page and title ideas! (The Scrap Your Trip link was cool).

Thankfully, I live close to an Archivers, and they have an entire section devoted to all things Disney. I can see that not only is the trip expensive, but the aftermath will be as well. ;)

I will be sure to post an update on the boards when we get back! But in the meantime, feel free to post about, or provide links to, any of your Disney projects/products/ideas! I can't wait to see them! Peace out! :)



  1. We are going on our first DW trip in June this year..I cannot wait! Thanks for all those links..those will come in mighty handy! I can't wait to see what you do w/all your pictures. Hope you have a great time!

  2. I hear Downtown Disney has a scrapbook store with things you can only get there!