Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Story Behind the Page: Janine

It was a great day for a walk around the community of Lake Naomi when Jason and I headed out.  It was early and the temperatures were perfect.  My five year old and his dad stayed at the cabin, relaxing and getting ready for the day.

When we returned, no one was in sight.  Jason and I were looking around inside when we heard an unfamiliar voice.  It said, "Hello Jason, how are you? I'm Buck....." How odd.  Then, we heard singing. Befuddled, we were looking around when the singing stopped and the voice returned.  It told us to look up on the wall.  Lo and behold, the faux taxidermy deer head's mouth was moving to the words that we heard.  That is how we met Buck.  

As to my husband and Kurt, they had their own story about how they discovered the controls to Buck, and began their experimenting. Our family enjoyed the silliness, taking turns being Buck. It all ended in a big laugh and amusing stories to remember from our rental cabin in the woods.  Thus, the Tale of Buck and the Blue Deer House.

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