Monday, September 14, 2015

Heather's Tips: Getting Creative with Twine

Getting Creative with Twine
I don’t know about you but I have so many rolls of twine that I don’t ever think I’ll be able to use it up.  So, I’m often trying to think up ways to add it to my pages. It’s actually very versatile and there are so many colors and styles now available.

Here are some suggestions
  1. Thread it through a button
  2. Make a bow
  3. Wrap it around a photo
  4. Cover a chipboard shape or letter
  5. Crochet an embellishment
  6. Stitch
  7. Create a border
  8. Create a shape
  9. Create swirls on your page
  10. Make a rough circle and place under embellishments or photo
  11. Form into a word
  12. Embellish an embellishment (like a tail for a kite)
  13. Weave it
  14. Hang photos or banners from it
  15. Make a frame
  16. Make a sunburst design with it
  17. create pompom or loopy flowers
  18. Create a lattice pocket and add tickets etc.
  19. Use as journaling lines
  20. Create a tassel

Here are a few examples
For this bike layout  I created spokes for a wheel

here I created a banner shape and threaded on some buttons for interest

For this Christmas page I created a giant star and hung photos and embellishments from it

On this page I created a frame around a photo and also added some border interest

Have you done anything innovative with twine ?  Add a comment and let us know.