Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekend Inspiration: Technique Tip: Making Rosettes

The layout this month for the Crate Paper Maggie Holmes Confetti double-page spread included a fun birthday rosette.  
Here are the steps taken to make it:
    1) Cut a strip 12 x 1&1/4"  
    2) Score strip every 1/4"

    3) Fold at scores accordion style

    4) Cut a 1/4" piece off at one end so that one end fold is up and the other end is down
    5) Glue the end down-fold over the up-fold end piece to form a circle

    6) Prepare a bottom base by cutting a 1&1/4" circle and cover it with a quick drying thick glue. (a glue gun or glossy accents each work well)

    7) This is the only challenging part; and, you have to work quickly so I couldn't get a photo in process.  But, trust me, you can do it!  Bunch the folds up as much as you can.  You will not be able to create a perfect circle, (at least I'm not able to).  However, bunch it up; and, as soon as you have it bunched together, press down at the top of the bunch while fanning out the bottom.  Hold firmly in the middle while you adjust the folds to create a perfect circle.  Immediately, adhere it to the bottom circle with glue ready to work. Hold the rosette firmly until the glue has a strong hold adhering the folds nicely.

    8) Top of with a circle and decor.

One last note, did you notice that the two pages to the Recipe pages for Crate Paper Maggie Holmes Confetti can be switched on the Double Page Spread?  Notice the horizontal stripes in the middle. I'm not even sure if I like it this way better.

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  1. Beautiful layout, love the rosette and the long rainbow title!