Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Project Life Inspiration: Canon Selphy Pics

For the past few months, I have been printing all of my Project Life pictures on my Canon Selphy CP910 printer.  So. Much. Easier.

No more editing and printing an entire month of pictures at Wal-Mart one hour photo and then throwing away half of them that I didn't use. Rather, I just pick the ones that I like and then edit. My favorite part, however, is that I can print from my phone. Convenient. I can also use my Pic Frame app to create photo collages. And I can print smaller sized photos, which is especially nice for Instagram pictures. Here are some examples from just this month.

If you have the Canon Selphy CP910 (or think you might want one), there are a ton of You Tube videos to help set it up and learn to print photo collages. If you love Project Life, then this printer is a life saver. And for about $100 that's a deal!

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