Monday, May 18, 2015

Technique Tip: Adding Color To Patterned Paper For Emphasis

Janine here! I'm guest designing for The ScrapRoom for the next three months! (More on that later...) I'm here today to share a quick tip on how I tailored some of the patterned paper from this month's kit to fit my layout!

The wording on this piece of patterned paper was perfect for sentiments that we have been sharing with our younger son lately.  He is having some challenges this year finding the right role with his current Spring lacrosse team.  We have been emphasizing that now is the time that he needs to step above his circumstances to be so good that they can't afford not to play him better.
These patterned papers are perfect to document this story, right!?!

In order to highlight a few of the sentiments on the patterned paper for emphasis, I colored them with a Copic pen:

Are there any specific sentiments on this paper that fit something that best describes any of your photos?  We'd love to see what you come up with, if so.

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  1. Great tip! A nice subtle way to bring attention to the words with the most meaning.