Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Washi Picture Frame with Jenny

This month, I was able to use the included Washi tape for a home decor project!  I have recently started trying to redo some of our living room decor with a grey/yellow/white theme, so when I opened my Scrap Room box this month and found not one but TWO beautiful rolls of Washi tape (which happened to be grey and yellow), I knew I had to create something for my home.

I had a small canvas panel leftover from a previous project.  This canvas is only 8x10", but it was the perfect size for what I needed.  I got these canvas panels in a 3-pack from Hobby Lobby...I purchased them a while ago, but they were very inexpensive.  I used my Washi tape to cover the canvas panel, alternating strips of the yellow tape with strips of the grey tape.  No math needed...I just aligned the first strip of tape with the edge of the canvas and continued lining all the strips of tape up against each other.  If there was any extra hanging off the edges, I just folded the tape over the canvas and stuck it down really well.  I then went over the whole canvas with some Mod Podge to seal the Washi tape into place. (I've heard Washi tends to start peeling up after a while.)
Then, I had this cute little bare frame that I had picked up MONTHS ago from the dollar spot at JoAnn's:
I spray painted it with high gloss white spray paint, and that's all I had to do!  I then add my black and white photo inside the little frame, applied some Velcro to the back of the frame (so that I could change out my picture whenever I want to), and applied the small frame on top of my Washi canvas.
The end product:
I had to add a little plastic hanger on the back of the canvas, and now this 1-of-a-kind piece of handmade artwork hangs in my home for all to see.

Washi tape isn't just for scrapbook pages....use it for those personal home decor creations as well!  It's so simple and quick to use...and I totally LOVE the colors and patterns included in this month's kit.  What are you doing with your Washi?

- Jenny

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