Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Challenge You...

I'm sure you are aware of The ScrapRoom Sketch Challenge we do every month (but if not... take a look at the sidebar on the right).  Did you know that there are lots more challenges on our Message Board?  And just like our Sketch Challenge, you'll find these challenges are just the thing you need to "get more pages done"!  Check out what's cooking this month with our Mods and members:

Sideways Title by TerryB:
Just as simple as it seems - use a sideways title on your layout!
"12 12 12" by TerryB - and yeah, I'm totally lifting this one for my 12/12/12 pictures!
Scrappy Challenge by TerryB:
Create a layout using a Design A page protector as your inspiration.  You can follow it exactly, use one side, or even use a strip of pictures down the middle of your page - however you want to interpret the design!
Inspiration:  Design A page protector
Choose Your Own Challenge Challenge by TerryB:
Choose one (or more) things from the list below, and do a layout.
  • big title
  • lots of pictures
  • double page layout
  • print/journal on patterned paper
"Gus Macker Toilet Bowl Champs" by TerryB - and she got all four items on this layout... extra credit?
Go Green by trish70:
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, complete a layout this month in greens!
"Casper" by trish70 - love how she jumped in and threw down the (green) gauntlet!
St. Patrick's Day Challenge by TerryB:
This is/was a two-part challenge:  List three things that you think of when you think of St. Patty's Day... And now, pick one thing on your list, and use it as inspiration for a layout. It does NOT have to be about St. Patty's Day.  And the best part?  If your list isn't motivating (or you didn't have a list before last weekend), feel free to borrow from someone else's list!
"Celebrate" by TerryB - she used the word "lucky" from her list
These are wonderful challenges... and you can still play along!  Click the challenge names to see the details on the Message Board and - most of all - just have some fun with it.  Oh, and a little birdie told me that there's a new challenge in the works - I think you'll really like it.  *wink*  Be sure to stop by the Message Board next Monday... and get ready to make paper bits fly!

- Theresa/Savi

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