Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crop Coming Soon - So Get Your Mojo Here!

One of the most exciting times here at The ScrapRoom is rolling around again... yes, that's right:  we've got a crop on the schedule for this weekend!  If you are on the Message Board (and if you aren't... what are you waiting for???) you've seen us chatting about it - and some of us are looking forward to this crop for one big reason:  our mojo... isn't quite what it should be.  And crops are almost magical in their ability to spark the mojo.

So what's this mojo that we speak of?  Well, I found this definition at wiki.answers:
Mojo means "finding the magic in what we do."  To have "lost your mojo" refers to a loss of inspiration or creative genius; a loss of that special spark. 
Fortunately for us, not *everyone* has lost their mojo.  In fact, if you browse through the member's gallery, you'll notice that there's actually quite a few gals with smokin' hot mojo - and the willingness to share it with us!  So here are a few of their projects, and what they have to say about making mojo happen:

"All Mine" by Mandyjane:  "I use to spend ages in my craftroom staring at my kits trying to decide where to start, now I give myself one hour and if I haven't got much done by then I pack up and do something else. No wasted time just shuffling papers."  Mandyjane also hits up favorite websites for challenges.
"Together" altered canvas by scrappy_granny:  "I find it harder to move forward and really get into the new stuff."  So scrappy_granny finds scraps of old stuff, and, well, wrecks it.  Paint, layers, ink - her mojo-maker is wrecking paper!
"December 2012" by TerryB:  "When my mojo is missing, I work on my PL pages.  It's a format, so it's easy to get started.  Then I can add some creative touches, and it will usually give my mojo a kick start."
"Snap the Photo" by jojojorenee:  "I try to keep my mojo going by frequently visiting the scraproom gallery and ideas link so that my ideas for the kit stay fresh."  And which kit to choose?  "I also try to chose a line that I have not cut into from the kit(s) and get to work on it as soon as I am in my scraproom."
"Dream Big" by rgeile:  "I have to allow myself to play and be creative, and I have to keep it simple. It's okay to walk away from other responsibilities sometimes.  Because I am a better wife/mom/student when I do that. Win-win."  In fact, rgeile has a formula she uses to keep it simple:  "This is my go-to method when I am "out of mojo".  I take a stack of photos, put them in a grid, and embellish with a couple straight strips of paper.  That's it.  No challenges.  No complicated techniques.  No froof.  Just get it done."  And I particularly love this little bit of advice:  "Wear shoes around house so that icky floors are easier to ignore."  Yep.  Win-win for sure!
Project Life pages by Gilly:  "I get my mojo from what is going on around me. TSR, other scrappy sites, and pinterest give me great inpirations.  Playing with pictures, paper, going to the LSS, or looking at a magazine...and of course sitting down with a bold cup of java, gets me motivated!  Right now I am getting my mojo from getting a lot scrapped in a simple style with pocket pages."
"This is Totally Sam" by Theresa Sovacool (yeah, I'm a TSR member too!):  "Nothing gets my mojo going like a deadline.  So I love crops, challenges, setting goals... and setting a timer!  This layout is part of my goal to get all the kid art from 2009 scrapped... only 2 more pages left!"
So are you ready to get YOUR mojo going?  Then become a member on the Message Board and come play this weekend!  We'll have games, challenges, prizes, and tons of chit-chat.  It's all member run, so if you want to throw down a challenge... well, then... bring it!  LOL

And here's the official word on the crop:  "We'll keep it casual, no timeline. Post your challenges sometime on Friday. We'll keep all the challenges open for just over a week, and close them on Sunday, March 3rd at midnight. Gals can pick their winners on Monday."  

Sounds awesome!  See you at the crop!

- Theresa/Savi

P.S.  Big love to the gals who pitched in on this post - your generosity is much appreciated!

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