Friday, January 11, 2013

Melanie's 12-12-12 Layout

I wanted to create a one page layout with my 12 iPhone photos from 12-12-12. How many of you also took 12 photos that day???

Here is how I created my 12-12-12 layout using this month's kit.
  1. Choose your 12 photos. I used a variety of Instagram frames and filters.
  2. Resize to 2.25" x 2.25" squares and print out.
  3. I mostly used the Simple Stories kit (it was perfect for this theme) and the B-side of a Pink Paislee pattern paper.
  4. Placed my main Title: This is the Good Life at the top of my layout.
  5. Placed the super perfect camera date sticker above the printed washi tape. took about 24 hours for the ink to dry and not smudge.
  6. Lined all my pictures up in a grid format. My pictures are not in any order, I just put them where I liked them :). I took pictures of: my iPhone screen when it was 12:12, a little sewing project that I worked on that night, McDonalds for dinner, video game screen (kids had a sick day), Hershey Candy Cane kisses, me at my desk, hubby's computer at home (he stayed home with kids this day), work clock at 12:12, my TSR kit arrived this day, older son with his Lego mini figure from his Advent calendar, little son wanted a similar photo :), antibiotics for ear infection and pink eye -which they later shared with me :(
  7. Handwritten journaling (the lined paper was great for this)
  8. Added a secondary title and date in the bottom corner.
  9. All done with a layout that focuses on the photos.
The grid format works great for any layout with multiple photos...think of all your holiday photos from last month or birthday parties.

- Melanie

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