Monday, January 14, 2013

Got Scraps Challenge: January

So far we've used 1" strips, punched shapes, and squares... what's next? 


No, wait, don't panic! Little ones, big ones, punched, die-cut, hand-cut, torn - there are lots of ways to make flowers, and they all use up scraps. Now is the time to try that fun folded flower you saw on YouTube or the tutorials from our DT that you bookmarked but didn't get around to yet. And don't give me sass about how flowers are just not anything you can use... I live with a boybarian horde. I just had to dig a little deeper for my photos. *wink* 

So, just like the Freaky Fast Formula and Page Starter, this challenge is designed to get you scrapping quickly and with a minimum of fuss. You can do as much or as little as you like, in whatever style suits you. And the best part... you just might be able to finally kill off some kits, or at least make a dent in that scrap pile! 

Step 1: Find an almost-dead kit. No kit? No worries - go dig through your scrap pile and find some coordinating patterned paper scraps.
The last bits of Fancy Pants Hopscotch
Step 2:  Make a pile of flowers.  Pull out those tutorials or seldom-used cut files/cartridges/punches. Have fun and play!
Here's what my Silhouette did for me.  Cuteness, eh?
Step 3: Find some pictures and cardstock to match your scraps. 
Ancient pics from 1975. Yes, I was alive then.  Be nice.  LOL
Step 4: Shop your stash for the extra bits, like alphas, journaling blocks, and coordinating embellies.
Lots of random bits; some from the Hopscotch kit, other parts from my stash.
Step 4.5:  Behind the scenes magic.  This is the part that happens after Step 4 and before Step 5 where I confess that I had Step 5 done and really hated it and had to do *something*.  The problem is that the paper flowers turned out to be much too bright and did not look good all stacked and layered like I had planned.  No, I did not take a picture.  Just imagine a hot, clash-y mess in your head.  So here's what I did:  I sprayed the gee-whiz out of the flowers to fix the color and then dumped them onto my desk - and I loved how it looked all randomly piled in line. 

Step 5: Finish. Make this layout your own. Do your thing! 
I got stubborn and used every single last flower I had cut.  You don't have to be that stubborn!
This took a while to make because of Step 4.5 (more confession time).  However:  I killed a kit. AND... I used some stuff out of my stash. All with flower power!  *grin*

Now it's your turn! I challenge you to turn scrappy flowers into layouts this month. You have until January 31st to leave a comment with a link to your layout here for a chance to win an awesome prize pack. An awesome prize pack like this American Crafts “Bling It On” Prize Package!
4 jars of Glitter, 4 jars of Glitter Shapes, 1 Roller Stamp, 1 roll of Glitter Ribbon
Oh, and if you do happen to kill a kit - or four - stop by the Message Board and record it in our Kit Killer thread. We've started a new thread to track our kits in 2013 - come help us out! 

- Theresa/Savi


  1. Love how this turned out! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a step 4.5, LOL! Oh, and boybarian horde is my new favorite phrase.

  2. This is amazing! I just posted about a layout I did and made my own flower from scraps...

    Thanks for a gerat challenge!
    - April W

  3. I didn't make "flowers per say" but I did make circles! Here's mine if chose to except it. ;-)