Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Have Kit, Will Travel

I used to go to crops... I would spend most of an evening packing, completely fill the car (or van!), and then lug one box after another in (and then do it all in reverse 2 days later).  So, I admit... it got to be too much of a pain, so I quit going.

However... I wasn't going to be home when the January kits arrived, and I wouldn't be back by the time the reveal happened, so I knew I was going to have to climb back onto the crop wagon - and the wagon was really, really small since I was also flying and everything I was going to use needed to fit into the suitcase.  A very small part of the suitcase!

It was at this moment I realized how brilliant these kits really are.  I wouldn't really need much because these kits have a great mix of a little of everything!!!  For those of you who already figured that out, you can just sit back and laugh at me for the remainder of this post.  For those of you who haven't... check this out:  I scrapped 7 pages and 2 cards out of a pizza box.  Everything you see in the January gallery from me was done not in my scrappy space, but at my mom & dad's in Florida.

(I confess to a little cheat... Tammy shipped my kits to that FL address.  Saved me a little bit of packing space, but I had to match my supplies to the internet images.)  I bet I would have been able to fit the Doubleshot kit into the pizza box, though.

What I packed:  pizza box, a pad of blues & greens (which I ended up never using!), and my pink paper eater.  Love that thing!
Inside the box:  underneath the small stuff is a pile of 12x12 papers, pictures, and alpha stickers.  I think it looks pretty cool when you open the box.  Kind of like Christmas!
The tools (clockwise from lower left corner):  bone folder (for cards), pokie thing/sewing needle/foam square, adhesive, pink paper eater, small paper trimmer, pop dots/small roll of glue dots, exacto knife, tweezers, scissors
The extra stuff (clockwise from top):  bobbin thread (this was the thing I added but knew was silly... but what if I really really really needed to sew something????), paper leaves, bookmark blank, Tim Holtz fun stuff, tags, brad, twine
The paper and alpha stickers - and my trusty alpha sticker aligner.  Although I never used the blue and green cardstock, I did dip into the white and cream cardstock that I brought.  Never hurts to have a pile of that on hand!
And finally... the pictures and the January sketch!  I organize my pictures by event in page protectors.  So I pulled out 6 "events" that seemed like they would go with the paper in the kits.  I ended up using 4 of them. 
Hope this inspires you to take your kits with you when you travel.  I know I'm feeling a lot more confident about it!  And if you do travel with a pizza box... or maybe the TSR shipping box... snap a picture and share it with us.  We'd love to see it!

- Theresa/Savi


  1. WOW Savi that's amazing! I was thinking do I see sewing stuff and how is she going to pull that off! Maybe that's a good idea for croppers to DOWNSIZE and get more done!!!!

  2. What is a "pink paper eater?"

  3. Nice travel kit! I am saving this to reference for my next crop, thansk for sharing.

  4. What I call a pink paper eater is a Zutter Distrezz-It-All... basically an electronic paper distresser. I love it. A LOT. If you like the look of distressed edges, but hate having to use scissors or another hand tool... check it out.