Friday, September 23, 2011

Final Freaky Fast Layout of September!!

It's me, Frances, here with my last FREAKY FAST LAYOUT using September's formula!!

And here is a reminder of September's formula...

1. Cardstock or Patterned Paper Background
2. 9 X 9 patterned paper
3. 3 X 11 1/4 patterned paper
4. 1 1/2 X 11 1/2 patterned paper
5. 1 X4 patterned paper

And here is the steps to completing your layouts using the September formula...

1. Collect a few pics.
2. Cut your patterned paper to the dimensions stated above.
3. Push the paper around your cardstock till you achieve the look you want, or simply copy my layout below!
4. Adhere and EMBELLISH! It is that easy!!

Here is a look at my 3rd SEPTEMBER FREAKY FAST PAGE...

Enjoy Your Day

This layout was created using the Garden Cafe kit from the Flavors of the Month Kit. And instead of creating the obvious single page layout, I decided to shake things up a bit and create a double!! I began with creating my 9 X 9 squares. As you know, if you use one FOTM kit, you can not get 2-9 X 9 squares in the same pattern. So to make the 9 X 9 squares the same on each page, I cut one pattern 6 X 9 and another pattern 3 X 9. Add those together and you get a 9 X 9 square with 2 patterns...easy!! Instead of running double the strips of paper, I ended up using the strips on one side. I did use the 1 X 4 you see it? I actually put the pieces together and made a 1 X 8 strip, and used a border punch to create the scallop. This layout, obviously, took longer than the singles, but it only took 1 hour. I think that is pretty good, right?

Thanks so much for stopping by again to see my Freaky Fast layouts this month! I will be back again in October with another fun formula. Have a great weekend!!


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  2. I finally did a Freaky Fast Page

  3. Just beautiful Frances. Love that it's a two pager!