Thursday, September 15, 2011

Design Team Inspiration with Lan!!

Ribbon/Bookmark Tutorial -
Hi there, I"m continuing with the school theme as it's the month most of our kids get back into that routine and even some of us adults are heading back ourselves. And if you're one of those few, a big pat on the back to you!

So get your paper and scissors out because today, I am going to show you how to sharpen those pencils.

Step 1
: Pull out your scraps and cut to the following dimensions

Step 2
: Using a corner rounder, punch the eraser top & add black cats eye chalk to the edges.

Step 3: For the section of the pencil where the yellow part starts, I used my old $1 decorative scissors with the Dragonback design. You could also use pinking sheers or just cut little triangle notches.

Step 4: For the pencil top, I measured out the center point and cut it into a triangle, then using the black cats eye chalk again, I inked it.

Step 5: Now you have the completed pencil pieces, just assemble it onto a coordinating 2"x4" piece of pattern paper.

Step 6: Next I layered these on longer sheets of cardstock, and added some letter stickers.

Step 7: For the bottom, I used my Dragonback scissors again and for the top, I used my coluzzle to cut the rounded shape where the red line is.

Step 8: For the final touches I punched a small star and looped a piece of ribbon on the top.

And that completes my tutorial on these cute easy ribbons that can be given to your star student for all their hard work or recycle as a bookmark.

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