Thursday, September 8, 2011

Design Team Inspiration with Jenny!!

Hey blog readers! It's that time of year know what I'm talking's back-to-school time! For me, this was a BIG, emotional day as my youngest son started Kindergarten last month. For almost the past decade in my life, I've been at home taking care of a little one. Now, to have both of my boys in school full-time during the day, well let's just say....the house sure is quiet! Most moms would welcome that quietness, and though sometimes peace and quiet is good, I miss my boys a lot during the day. Even their loudness! ;)

Anyhow, of course I was armed and ready with my camera on their first day of school as they headed off on their new adventures. As I was trying to find some new ideas for some first day of school pages, I decided to browse through the TSR online gallery since it is always a great source of inspiration! :)

Did you know the TSR gallery has a "search" option? It's true! As soon as you visit the gallery page, there is a white search box in the top right corner. I typed in "school", hit enter, and found the following inspirational pages by TSR members in the gallery.

First up, this little beauty by Christa P. These photos are GREAT, I love the way she did her title, and her journaling is wonderful:

Next, I came across this layout by Mikey. I mean, how COOL is this idea?! She scanned some of her child's schoolwork, shrunk them down to fit on her page, and had her child journal on the right side of the page. Genius, I tell ya!

Now, this I love. This 2-pager by PerkyNihilist shows just how cool and fun homeschool can be! I love that she took the time to document all of this and get such great photos:

Speaking of 2-pagers, how about this one by Yggdrasil? I love the larger portrait photo with the collage of school photos. It would be great to do a page like this for every grade!:

Ahh, the "morning routine." What would we do without it? I love how gabmc documented her son's morning routine with this fabulous layout:

Don't forget to document your little one's funny little sayings! I love how Cass used her son's funny little comeback as the title for her page:

And lastly, this layout by JillinOH has inspired me to use my oldest son's handwritten header on his school papers for his school layouts, like she did in the bottom right corner of this layout of her daughter. That is such an awesome idea, and such a great way to document his style of handwriting at this point in his life:

Seriously, I could go on and on and on showing off some of the adorable school-related layouts in the TSR gallery! There are SO many great ideas in, the next time you are looking for a specific theme, don't be afraid to use the "search" option in the TSR gallery to find some great inspiration for your own pages! :)


  1. I had no idea there was a search function in the gallery! Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. Wow Jenny thanks so much for featuring my LO!
    And I never even thought to search the gallery for certain themes! Thanks!