Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome our newest Message Board Moderator, Angela Loughridge!

I am excited to announce the newest addition to our ScrapRoom Message Board Moderating Team... Angela Loughridge! We will miss having Teressa as one of our board moderators, as she has been a helpful friend to everyone since we opened the board three years ago. And, while Teressa promised to still hang out with us on the message board when she gets the chance, we knew we needed to fill her position.

Angela has been on the boards for several years now, and she has been doing so many "Moderator Duties" even without the title for a long time - answering questions, welcoming members, opening and participating in discussions - we thought it was time to just make it official and give her the title. :) Please join me in welcoming her on the message board in her new "official" capacity!

A little bit about Angela!
One thing I'd grab if my house were on fire: As long as my kids and hubby are safe I would have to grab my camera for sure
One thing I wish I could throw away: My stack of my husbands muscle magazines that just keeps growing and growing
One thing I'll never, ever throw away: Cards and letters that my hubby and kids has given me
Something I lost and still miss: My younger sister
Something I've kept since childhood: All of my awards from school
A food item I never run out of: That would definetly be brown-sugar cinnamon and strawberry pop tarts. If we don't have these in the house the kids act like there is nothing here to eat.
A household brand I'm very loyal to: Gain and Downy
Something I sleep with every night: The fan! If it isn't on I can't sleep.
One thing that's on my wish list: I really want the Wii Fit, which seems to be nowhere right now.
Something I take with me wherever I go: My cell phone and purse
Something that makes me smile when I see it: When my kids are watching a movie and just belt out a big laugh I can't help but smile.
Something my children fight over: They are constantly fighting over who rides in the front seat of the car.
Something I hate to clean: That would be the bathroom
Something I show off when people visit: I don't usually show off anything, but if someone asks I show them my scrapbooks.
Something I hide when people visit: My bedroom
Something I'm embarrassed to admit I like: With having 3 kids I am officially addicted to watching the shows on Disney Channel, like iCarly and The Suite Life. I know I am way to old but they are fun to watch.
Something I collect: I love to collect Precious Moments figurines.
Something I avoid at all costs: Brussel Sprouts! YUCK
Something that reminds me of my mother: The countless afghans we have around our house. She loves crocheting.
The best gift I've ever received: Definitely my kids and hubby.