Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Favorite Tool

We all have them, those tools we use again and again. I have a few of them but one of my favorite, least expensive tools is my circle punch. I use the thing so often it hardly ever gets put away. It seems to sit at the corner of my scrap desk always tempting me to grab and use it one more time. Some of my favorite uses for it are; backgrounds for titles, to make big scalloped boarders along the edge of a paper( I just punch my circles cut them in half and tuck them under another piece of paper),punch holes in papers and use the negative space for embellishments and my current favorite to make flower cards. Here is an example of just that. I grab a piece of leftover cardstock, fold it in half, trace a circle over top with a tiny bit hanging off the edge for the card fold then I punch circles from leftover scraps of paper and use them around the edges.



  1. great idea, love this card project !

  2. What an awesome idea. I just love that. so much, I must go try it out right now. Thanks so much for the idea.