Friday, January 16, 2009

Double Sided Patterned Paper

I just want to take this opportunity to talk about how much I LOVE DoUBlE SiDeD PaTTeRneD PaPEr. I mean really this has to be the single greatest invention of all time, well aside from electricity, telephones, plumbing.... you know the REALLY important stuff.

The 3 most important reasons that I love double sided patterned paper are as follows:

1. You get more bang for your $buck$...who doesn't love that, I know my husband appreciates it ;)

2. Double Sided Patterned Paper makes it so much easier to have several color coordinating pieces of patterned paper in one layout, without having to dig through your stash and then contemplate "does this really match that?" (see above layout for example)

3. I love using my left overs to make cards this way it is pretty on the outside AND the inside. Add a small rectangle of solid cardstock to write a message on and BAM you have a card (that one had a little Emeril flavor to it, if ya know what I mean).

I hope you share my affinity for double sided patterned paper and if not please take this opportunity to try it out. I know you won't be disappointed.



  1. Great LO Shawnna! She makes a super cute scarecrow.

    I totally love double-sided paper, couldn't have decribed it better.

  2. Great layout! I'm in love with double-sided PP also! Who isn't??!?

  3. Oh yes I do! It's just hard when I really like both sides, then I just buy more of it, just in case! LOL! Love the layout!