Saturday, November 8, 2008

What do you do when...

your kids and family are SICK of getting their photo taken? This is where I am. My oldest loves taking her own picture but won't let me take a photo of her.
"Mom, that is the wrong angle, look at my hair....blah blah blah. "
My DH has resorted to NEVER smilling or making obseen jestures
when I try to get his photo. My youngest just runs and hides " NO MOMMY NOT AGAIN!"

I have taken photos of my flowers, can you see the little bee on that one? This picture makes me happy. Now with fall on its way I need to get some photos of leaves and pumpkins, and get ready for the snow...


  1. I think I'm going to have MY picture taken, when my TSR box comes. Maybe your daughter can get a picture of you too.

  2. My oldest son does the same thing. I am collecting all the pictures where he has hidden his face and plan to do a page titled PUNK...since punk is one of his favorite words!

  3. My DS is at the point where he just covers his face with his hands. My DD's pose all the time, I can hardly ever get a "real" photo anymore and my DH is the same way as yours.

    That photo of the flowers is beautiful.

  4. My kids put on these horrible fake smiles every time I pull out a camera. It's like they're trying to be obedient and decent human beings but it's galling them.

    It was so much easier when they were little.