Thursday, November 20, 2008

A little Sneak Peek at a project made with the December Kit!

I read about this little Holiday Planner from Eddie-N-Harley on the message board. She linked us up to Michelle Wooderson's blog, which had the directions for creating this cute little handy holiday treat for yourself or a friend. You might want to whip some of these up this weekend with some of your stash from Christmases past and give them to all of your friends and family members that you'll be seeing over the Thanksgiving holiday next week. What a great gift to help someone jump-start her Christmas shopping season on Black Friday. :)

Yes, I know that Michelle's planner is way cuter than my planner pictured here - but she did have the adorable house stamp (and she knows how to use it). And, perhaps even cooler is that Spellbinders die that she used to create those scalloped mats for the front of her planner and for her individual list-pages. Alas, I don't have that Spellbinder die - or a Spellbinder machine even. And, while this project did motivate me to install my Silhouette craft cutter to see if it might have one of these cute scalloped shapes installed, I was unable to locate a scalloped shape in the software. Now, that doesn't mean that the scalloped shape doesn't exist in the software; it just means that I wasn't techno-savvy enough to find it...div>

So, here is my version of the Holiday Planner, created with the KI Memories Festive layout kit in the December Flavors of the Month kit. The inside of the Planner features a pocket that holds the "wish lists" that my boys are filling out, along with two additional cards, labeled "Family" and "Friends" to keep track of presents for grandparents, neighbors, teachers, friends, etc. After Thanksgiving, my Planner will be OFF-LIMITS to everyone but me. I'll use it for shopping, carrying coupons, and making notes about all-things holiday related. There is a small pad of paper in the Planner, which I'll use to make list after list in an effort to stay organized - and best of all, everything will be all in one place. Thanks for the great idea, Michelle!



  1. Thanks for the link and I think yours is just as gorgeous. Love the coupons bit. A must for a trip to the US!

  2. Your planner is cute Tammy. TFS!

  3. That might have been me that posted that link. I'm a huge fan/stalker of Michelle's blog. (Hmmmm....should I even be admitting that??)

  4. Such a wonderful little project! GREAT idea!