Friday, April 10, 2015

Quick Tip: Straight Letters

Hi there friends.  I thought I would pop in for a second to share a quick tip that I use for adhering my alphabet stickers so that they will be straight.  All you need is a clear ruler.  First, I adhere the letters onto the ruler using the marks for spacing and to keep them straight.

Then I hold the ruler over the area where I want them to go.  Being able to see through the ruler helps me find just the right spot and helps me keep them straight.

I lay down the ruler and push the tops of the letters so that they are stuck down well.  Then while holding my hand over the tops of the letters, I carefully peel the ruler off the bottom of the letters.  

I hope you are able to use this quick and easy trick for adhering your letters nice and straight.  Thanks for stopping by!

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