Monday, June 23, 2014

How Do You Store Your Paper?

Hello Crafters! It's Rochelle here and I want to know… How do you store your paper?  To answer this question, I suppose you would first ask have to ask yourself how you scrapbook, right? Do you like to mix manufacturers? Do you like to scrap by color? Or, do you prefer to scrap by collection or theme? The answers to these question will help you figure out the best storage method for you.

For me, I "think in collections" most of the time, so I keep my collections together, including the coordinating embellishments, for the most part. I use Iris containers to store my collections and each Iris container is sorted by theme rather than by manufacturer. I find this is the best way for me to sort and store my papers because I start my layouts with photos, and the photos tell me which Iris container I need to go to, according to the photo "theme.".

Before this system, I had my papers sorted by manufacturers. The problem is that I would forget about some really great collections for a specific theme because I would be tempted to go to my “favorite” manufacturer and choose something from that Iris container. Now, with my current system, I have discovered that I save a lot of time searching for paper because I know which Iris container to go to for the best selection of collections to go with a particular photo theme. Some examples of the themes for my Iris carts are Girl, Boy, Masculine, Feminine, Shabby chic, Vintage, School & Pets (combined because I have fewer collections in these themes), Fall, Summer, Celebration, Family/life, and Everyday.

So that is how I store my paper!  What about you? I would love to know how you sort and store your papers! Please leave a comment and let me know! :)

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  1. I like your idea of storing your papers by manufacturer and theme. Mine have been stored by collection /manufacturer only and lately I have been wishing I had my "boy" themed paper together. I like to store embellies with the collection too, but what do you do with embellies like wood veneers, dots, or sequins? Hope you'll be telling us how you store your embellishments too!

  2. I store mine by theme, such as 1950s/Rock n Roll, Elvis, Male/travel, Girlie, Floral, vintage/heritage, Seaside/nautical, travel, etc. I have a cupboard like yours with a separate container for each and everything goes in it, such as papers, stamps, stencils, etc, related to the theme. I also have separate containers for plain 12×12 papers, scrap paper, patterned paper, alphabets/words. It's very easy to find that I need. I don't ever scrap by collection, just by theme. Love your storage!

  3. I have a mixed system. Some really specific stuff (I.e. Christmas). Most is sorted by manufacturer. Some (cardstock and mostly older patterned paper that isn't part of a collection) is by color. Kits are in their own basket.

  4. Guess I didn't finish the second sentence.... Specific topics are stored by theme.