Monday, June 9, 2014

Daily Inspiration: Layout of the Day!

Good Morning, Friends! I apologize for the blog silence this weekend. My family is currently traveling on vacation - celebrating my husband's wonderful parents' 50th wedding anniversary and then on to see some amazing sites in Utah and southwestern Colorado that we haven't yet seen! I managed to get all of the June kits invoiced, packaged and shipped out before we left, but I was cramming about three days worth of work into one day this month, and I just ran out of time before I could get the blog posts set up for the week. The anniversary party is now over, and I have found an internet connection, so I'll try to get back on track this week.

Hopefully, you'll be able to find a snatch of time for a little scrapbooking today. If so, why not find some creative inspiration from the layout below, created by TSR Designer, Brenda Carpenter. This one-page layout is colorful and fun and would only take about 15 minutes to recreate with a favorite 5x7 photo and the Jillibean Soup Sightseeing Soup Layout Kit from the June Flavors of the Month Kit. And, let's face it, using that sheet of "camera" paper will absolutely make you happier today!

by Brenda Carpenter

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