Friday, June 7, 2013

Hey, Dude!

So... here's a public service announcement:  It's Father's Day in the U.S. in a few weekends.

Some of you have just mentally thanked me (you are welcome).  *grin*  Some of you have shrugged.  We don't get to choose our dads, do we?  And some are sad.  (I'm sorry.)  *sniffles*

But you know what?  All those feelings and responses... they all have a story behind them.  And that story... have you recorded it?  If not for your family, how about for yourself?  That's why we scrap and make cards, right?  Right!  And I've discovered that I've done a lot of that over the years.  Coolness.  Man, the memories as I went through my pages!  [Feel free to click the images and make them larger... warning, some of the journaling gets mushy!  LOL]

So if you want, make a card for your dad.  Or maybe a layout about what you've learned from the number one man in your life!

Not wanting to go there?  What about a guy in your life that deserves some props?  Yeah, you're thinking of someone right now that you love and adore.  Husband?  Grandpa?  Brother?  Guy friend?  Turn your scrappy awesomeness towards documenting those relationships!

Got a case of the "remember when's" and sitting and wishing for the days that used to be?  Then scrap those, too.  People may change, but memories don't.  If you want to celebrate what you had, by all means - do it.  No one said scrapping is only about the here and now!

So, just like every other holiday out there, Father's Day comes with emotions.  Embrace them, and turn it into something that works for YOU.  Remember, the scrapbook police and card crazies are not coming over.  No rules, just life.  And it's all good.  *smiles*

Happy scrappin'!

- Theresa/Savi

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