Friday, October 12, 2012

Mod Squad: Andrea & Joyce!

If you've been anywhere near our Message Board this month, you've noticed that Andrea & Joyce are our new moderators for the quarter - and their goal is to keep us all chattering and challenged and inspired to get more pages done.  I can support that!  *grin*  And since they're at the helm for the next 3 months, I thought it would be fun to get to know them a little bit better.  Plus, I am maybe a little bit nosy.  *wink*

Did you know Andrea & Joyce live near each other and are friends from way back?  Yep, awesomeness!  
Joyce (on the left) says:  "Here is a picture of Andrea and I at a crop together back in the spring. We like this one because we are doing our favorite thing together....scrapping at a crop!"
Andrea, how did you get started scrapping?
I got started in scrapbooking in 2001.  I was invited to a CM party.  I had always scrapped in a sense.  I loved to save all memorabilia, and took lots of pictures & stuck them, randomly, into books.  Anyway, I went to that party and the rest is history.  I bought a little 5 x 7 scrap book & the kit to go along with it & that was it...I was hooked.  I was stuck on CM for quite some time & then branched out when I discovered all of the other beauty the scrapbook world held for me!  HA!!  Luckily, I did do CM or I would have never met Joyce!! 
Joyce, you've been scrapping for a while now.  What 3 tools and piece of advice would give a newbie scrapper?
Tools:  Paper trimmer, a good pair of scissors, and a Creative Memories multi-purpose tool.  Advice:  Be inspired by others scrapping abilities but don't ever feel like your pages aren't "good enough". You are preserving memories and that is beautiful thing! 
Okay, Andrea.  Five random facts about yourself!  Go!
  1. I LOVE Hulk Hogan.  If I ever meet him I WILL kiss him, and I want him to flex his bicep so I can hang from it.  My husband has been warned.
  2. I want to go to all 50 states before I travel out of the country.  Well, unless I could convince my husband to take us to Niagara Falls, Canada side. 
  3. I have never been drunk.  Not even lying!  
  4. I love the way my husband smells when he gets home from work all sweaty & dirty.  Rawr!!
  5. I have approximately 350+ LO's that need to go into albums, and I still need to buy the albums.  UGH!!
Joyce?  How about you?
  1. Coffee is my favorite beverage.
  2. Together my hubby and I have 7 kids and all of our names begin with J while all our animals begin with C.
  3. I can't sleep with my feet out of the covers for fear something will grab them.
  4. I have to have something red in every room of the house.
  5. I love Nutty Bars! I mean, really love them....they are good with coffee!
Andrea, what is your desk trying to tell you right now?
If my desk could talk it would be asking me why all I ever do is make bows anymore!  I'm sure it is crying that I don't love it anymore. I had to scrap on a different table Monday night because I have too much ribbon, bottlecaps, glue sticks, etc. on my scrap table.  It's terrible, but I do love it, and I promise it I will scrap on it again...very very very soon! 
So what non-scrappy items are in *your* space right now, Joyce?
Shania Twain CD, my 'Dotty' Scentsy warmer, my collection of DVD's (Sweet Home Alabama, Andy Griffith, Gilmore Girls), a bird house my son made for me when he was 6 (he is 29 now), my collection of hand made items from Kenya, and Russian dolls.
Sounds like we're in for a fun time, ladies!  I wish I lived a little closer, myself.  I can imagine coffee (and nutty bars!) with these two would involve lots of giggling and perhaps a little coffee out the nose periodically.

Now before you head back to the Message Board to see what Andrea & Joyce are up to today... here are their favorite layouts to share with you.  Enjoy the inspiration!

"This is Us" by Joyce
"Pure Joy" by Andrea
- Theresa/"Savi"


  1. Fun facts I've seen you all around and they've got a lot of chatter and challenges up their sleeves! Nice to have a SBFF!

  2. I love these ladies!!! I was so excited to see both of your smiling faces when I visited the blog this morning! Beautiful work and awesome interview!

  3. Looks like we are in for a fun time!

  4. Joyce and Andrea!!! Love this...Andrea I had no idea about you and the Hulk Hogan thing LOL beautiful the concept behind yours Joyce and your circles, Andrea!

  5. Fabulous interviews and inspiration ladies!!! Love the banners on your layout Joyce, and that picture is perfect! Andrea, the circles and white space on your layout rock!!! Love these gals, they will do a great job for you!