Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, ScrapRoom!

So you must have seen the newsletter by now, right?  Awesomeness, right?  Right!

As Tammy said, October 2012 marks 8 wonderful years at The ScrapRoom, and we're being invited to help celebrate! We've got kits, kits, and more kits (and free kits!) and two really great contests during the month of October. Check it out!

  • Buy 4 Layout Kits, get 1 Layout Kit FREE
  • Buy 8 Layout Kits, get 3 Layout Kits FREE! 
  • All Layout Kits - including FREE Layout Kits - can be selected from the Individual Layouts Kits in the TSR Store (both the FOTM and DS kits!)
Awesomeness.  So, you could put a few kits in your shopping cart, and toss another one in for free.  Like maybe this one!  After all, what could possibly be better than FREE?

I think it goes without saying that Tammy loves and appreciates all of us - but of course, right?  We are creative, supportive, and just darn fun to have around!  Oh, and we are awesomeness. *giggle* So it will be easy peasy to complete Tammy's challenge to us:  Create a layout using her theme of gratitude and post your image in the "GRATEFUL FOR YOU" Contest Gallery by October 31st.  The Design Team will collectively choose their favorite layout from this gallery and award the creator a $25.00 Gift Certificate to the TSR Store!  (No, bribery is not allowed.  But if you PM me, I would certainly tell you where to ship the chocolate... *wink*)  

Oh, not a member?  Can't access the Message Board and the Contest Gallery?  No worries.  Just go to the Message Board and request access.  In no time at all, you'll be in and hanging out with a great group of gals.  Promise!

Okay, seriously, how cool is this????  As part of our big celebration, Tammy will be shipping one random customer a "GOLDEN TICKET" in her October Flavors of the Month Kit. Are you totally jonesing for your kit now or what?  This, again, is awesomeness... because if you are the lucky customer who receives the "GOLDEN TICKET," you've won a $25.00 Gift Certificate to the TSR Store!  And I would love love LOVE to be able to post a picture of you and your golden ticket on the blog!  So someone... find it... contact Tammy... and get ready to go shopping!

It is going to be a great month.  No... an AWESOME month.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCRAPROOM!

- Theresa (a.k.a. "Savi")


  1. Happy Birthday Scraproom XXX!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Quick question, why can't we enter the Be a Blessing Challenge without having to be log into the message board? I've tried several times to gain access, but it won't allow it. :-(

  3. OOPS! Thats the Grateful For You challenge I was talking about, sorry!