Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scrapping School Memorabilia with Jenny

Hey everyone!

It's September, and that means back-to-school time in full effect! I don't know about you, but I've got TONS of school pictures to get onto pages and into albums. It can seem a little overwhelming at times, can't it? I have to just keep reminding myself that each page is a memory preserved...I may not be able to scrap every single photo I take, but those that do get scrapped are documented and preserved forever.

Not only do I scrap school photos and events of my children, but sometimes I keep special mementos of awards, good grades, and events that may occur during the school year. But what to do with those little items???? SCRAP 'EM! Include them on your pages!

That's just what I did with this 2-pager of my oldest son's 1st Six Weeks Awards from 2nd grade:

He achieved so many accomplishments during his 1st Six Weeks of being a 2nd grader (Academic Excellence, Perfect Attendance, A in Citizenship, A Honor Roll, and Readership Award), and I wanted to show them off and get them put in his school album for everyone to see! Nothing wrong with being a proud mama, right? ;)

As you'll notice, this 2-pager only includes ONE photo, which I quickly snapped in his classroom after his awards program, but I needed space to include all of the awards...and that's why it turned into a 2-pager. (Please note that you may want to spray awards and non-scrapbooking items with an archival mist to preserve them. I sprayed the silk ribbon awards with Krylon Acid-Free spray first so that they would be acid-free and not turn colors/deteriorate in the future).

I gotta say, it feels great to have these awards displayed on his pages. Not only does it make my heart swell with pride to show off his accomplishments, but it gives him a little boost of self-confidence too. Win-win. :)

So the next time you are creating a school themed page, don't forget to include some of those special little mementos you've kept as keepsakes. They don't have to be tucked away in a box somewhere...put them on your pages and proudly display them!

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