Monday, September 24, 2012

Card Crop Coming Soon!

Have you been over to our Message Board recently?  If you have, you'll notice that we've got a little something cooking for next weekend:  a card crop!  We've got members issuing challenges and some discussion going about getting Christmas cards started.  NO, DON'T GLARE AT ME LIKE THAT!  I didn't come up with that idea!  (But geez, dontcha think that's brilliant???  Do it now while we have time!)

In case you aren't sure what goes on at a card crop, here's some more info:

  1. Dude. It's cards. Don't worry about getting piles of photos prepped.
  2. Maybe you should put a hairy eyeball on the scraps you've got hanging around. Just saying. 
  3. September 28/29/30 - just in time to participate in our Be A Blessing Challenge, too!
  4. You will need snacks and stretchy pants. Make sure you can get into them ASAP on Friday.
  5. Want to yawn all night and go to bed early? Well, then, don't hang out at the crop. We are going to be hoppin'!
  6. Randomly awarded prizes for really nonsense stuff awarded by yours truly. No, I don't have a bunch of clearance stuff taking up space. I don't know what you are talking about. 
What?  Not a member?  Easy peasy.  Go to our Message Board and sign up.  You'll get access in plenty of time to participate in the crop and all the fun that goes along with hanging out with awesomely supportive and fun (did I mention fun?) scrappers.

What?  Want to throw a card crop challenge out there?  Easy peasy.  PM me (Savi is my super secret scrappy name on the Message Board) and let me know what you are thinking.  I'm not that scary; just screening out the duplicate challenges... but if you feel the need to bribe me with chocolate, I won't argue.

What?  No mojo?  Easy peasy.  We are here for you!  Check out the Ideas Gallery - our Design Team makes cards with every kit, every month.  Just for you.  And to get you going, here's September's cards from the gallery:

Melanie Call
Melanie Call
Jennifer Moore
Jennifer Moore
Beth Hallgren
Theresa Sovacool
Theresa Sovacool

Hope to see you next weekend!

- Theresa (a.k.a. "Savi")

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