Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Freaky Fast all Wrapped Up in 1 POST!!

***Looking for Sneak #5? See the post below...

Ok, ok, ok...it's been busy, but I promise Freaky Fast Friday is not going anywhere!! As a matter of fact, it will be better starting with December. Wait and see!!

Anyhoo, I am here to share November's FREAKY FAST LAYOUTS ALL WRAPPED INTO 1 POST!!

Here is November's formula.....

1. Cardstock or Patterned Paper Background
2. 1-3/4 X 6 patterned paper strip
3. 1-1/2 X 6 patterned paper strip
4. 1-1 3/4 X 6 patterned paper strip
5. 1-2 X 6 patterned paper strip
6. 2-1 X 6 patterned paper strip

And here are the steps to completing your layouts using the November formula...

1. Collect a few pics.
2. Cut your patterned paper to the dimensions stated above.
3. Push the paper around your cardstock till you achieve the look you want, or simply copy my layout below!
4. Adhere and EMBELLISH! It is that easy!!

Here is a look at my NOVEMBER FREAKY FAST LAYOUTS...

4 Booties in a Row

Cozy Nights at Home

These layouts were created using the Crate Paper Random and WRMK Autumn Splendor November Doubleshot Kit. And again, they were really east to put together. As you can guess, the 6 inch length of the paper strips is to accommodate a 4 X 6 photo, but of course this could be modified if you use larger or smaller photos. Also, can't you just see this working for a double? You could add more pictures and patterned paper, and tada...finished!! The first layout took about 35 minutes and the second, about an hour....only because of the journaling! Pretty good, right?

Sorry for the delay! And if you are looking for Sneak #5, see the post below!


  1. oohh - i love the freaky fast formulas! makes me get something done!

  2. I love the freaky fast formulas, but I do think this one is my favorite. such an easy way to get a nice mix of papers and plenty of journaling onto one page!