Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Product Spotlight: Little Yellow Bicycle Autumn Tree!

The Little Yellow Bicycle Autumn Tree...gotta love it!
And you certainly can't have a good Fall Collection without trees and leaves, right? The Little Yellow Bicycle Hello Fall Collection, was a perfect addition to our November TSR Flavors of the Month Kit. The colors are vibrant and bright...perfect FALL!! But papers with a scene can sometimes be tricky, don't ya think? Some of the problems...If you put too many pics you could cover the images, you can only put your pics in one place, and how do you add a scene image to a double layout without fussy cutting for hours? It can present problems.

Here is a look at how our DT tackled the dilemma!

Happy Fall by Jenny
Jenny added strips of paper to the left hand side of her layout to give her layout balance, and she also completely filled the white space of the Autumn Tree paper with pics! Great layout!!

Wise Beyond Your Years by Kim
Kim did just a bit of fussy cutting, by just cutting out the trunk of the tree! Who knew that the tree would look this cute on a layout without the colorful leaves...smarty pants!

One Happy Tree Climber by Melanie
I think Melanie added every single Little Yellow Bicycle Embellishment from this kit to her layout...love it! I love the way she used the Autumn Tree paper "as is" and a different colored piece of the LYB patterned paper for her left side of her double! I also LOVE how she added threaded buttons to her leaves to give it some dimension.

Fall Is On Its Way by Frances
I really tried to keep the tree the main focus of my layout, so I added just a few LYB embellishments here and there to the right side of my layout to draw your eye there. I also doodled around a few of leaves to make them POP!!

Happy Fall by Aphra
Aphra was just genius to slap the LYB Autumn Tree paper on some coordinating cardstock!! And again to balance her layout, she added her pics and embellishments to the left side of her double. LOVE the vibrant, blue cardstock with her pics!

There you have it! Hope this encourages you to use your Little Yellow Bicycle Autumn Tree Paper, and scene patterned paper too! Have a great Tuesday!!

***By the way, if you look to the post below this one, Tammy's Steal of the Week is a LYB Fall Pack for $7.15...50% + discount!!!! WOWEE!!

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  1. Thanks for the collection of awesome ideas! Yep, the DT makes it look easy and beautiful, that's for sure! Now I've got a little more courage...