Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lan's Happy Space!

Hello there! Want a glimpse of where I hideout and create? My husband and I recently converted the corner of our basement, which previously was used as a storage/utility area into my new scrap room/office and I just love this room! The other side of the room has two desk computers where the kids can hang out and play their Nick Jr games.

Right above my desk are pretty floating tissue paper flowers in a fun colorful combo of pink/red/and yellow.

I used my Cricut and vinyl to cut out the quote. :)

My papers are stored alphabetically by manufacturer in my recycled priority boxes that I receive the TSR kits in.

On my desk are my most used and go to tools. My Fruit stand has been turned into a Border Punch Caddy.

Ribbons are stored by color in Hobby Lobby jars. And Baskets hold other punches, stamps, Cricut cartridges, etc.

And I had to show you my hand sewn grommet curtains...isn't it lovely? It's covering a fake window, behind it is all the waterpipes running throughout the house.

I love looking for fun little tubs to organize buttons, threads, and doo dads. The bowls and clear red containers were from Target's $1 dollar spot!

Hope you've enjoyed a tour of my scrap space.


  1. I LOVE your brigh, fun space. It would certainly make me happy! Especially the tissue paper flowers. And how genious to recycle the priority mail boxes. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. You have TONS of space!! How wonderful! I have to share my space with the family (including four furry felines and two furry horses (dogs)!!) But I'm happy to have the space I do. Loving the tissue flowers!

  3. Lan, I love how you labeled your the boxes that you store your kits by manufacturer with the letter of the alphabet. I'm assuming that anything from BasicGrey goes in the "B" box, etc. I have some things stored by manufacturer, and I think I could find my kits better this way than keeping them in order by month. Great idea!