Thursday, June 16, 2011

DT Inspiration with Sarah!

Hello, hello! I hope everyone is having a great start to their summer!

Today I am here to talk to you about stitching and doodling. They are my go to techniques to finish off a layout. You know the layouts that you look at and think "this just needs something"? When that happens to me I always add some faux stitching and doodling.

On my spring layout below that I created with the June Double Shot kit I used both a black and white pens for my doodling and stitching. I have found it best to keep lots of different brands of brown, black and white pens handy. All pens look different on different colors and types of paper. Before doodling I will test the pens on the back of the paper I am going to write on (or on a scrap if I have one) to see which pen works the best.

Let's talk about stitching first! I love it! I love how it looks on a layout, but can't always use my sewing machine or have time to hand stitch. When that happens I use faux stitching. All the stitching on this layout is fake (except for the criss crosses in the corners), but I bet you couldn't tell that! Most people mistake my faux stitching for real stitching. The trick is very simple. Use a paper piercer! I first pierce holes along the edges where I want to add my faux stitching and then go back with a pen and connect them. It is so fast and easy and tricks just about everyone!

You can see below where I have pierced the holes for my faux stitching and a close up of my doodling. On this layout I did all my faux stitching and doodling free hand, but if I want straight lines I will use a ruler. For the stitching use a ruler and pencil to draw the straight lines then erase the lines and connect the holes. I doodle on pretty much every layout. It's never fancy, usually just a few lines around the edges of my paper. On this layout I doodled around the edges of my photo collage to bring all the photos together.

I hope enjoyed these tricks! I can't wait to see some doodling and stitching on your next projects!


  1. Ahhhhhhh! GREAT stitching tip!!! Using that for sure - THANKS!

  2. Great tip Sarah! I thought it was "real" stitching!